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What is Project Management? From Concept to Concrete

If you’re wondering ‘what is project management?’, you’ve come to the right place! There are lots of different components involved in the construction process, so understanding the role of every professional can seem impossible. Nevertheless, project management is a vital cog in the construction process. As such, you should have some understanding on their roles and responsibilities as a minimum. In this blog, we will give you an overview of why PM’s are an important and irreplaceable part of the entire operation. What is Project Management? As the name would suggest, a project manager is responsible for seeing the project […]

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Project Management Company: Preparing to begin a project

As a project management company, there is a lot you are responsible for when you take on a new job. From preparing the correct documents prior to commencement, to ensuring deadlines are met on time, the buck stops with you. As such, it’s vital that your approach is effective and efficient. For those of you looking to enlist the help of a project manager in Essex, it’s even more important that you choose someone who is an expert, as well as being organised, and trustworthy. What is a project management company responsible for? For those who have never worked with […]

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Essex Project Managers: The different stages of PM

Munday + Cramer is home to a team of experienced Essex project managers. Dedicated to bringing your visions to life, it’s a project manager’s role to take their time to understand your aspirations for the project. From here, they should then create a clear plan to keep all the cogs turning efficiently. With a background in a range of areas, our experts are well versed in everything property. Our diverse background allows for effective project managing, allowing you to have full confidence in our specialists. The different stages of project management Lots of people imagine the role of Essex project […]

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