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What Further Education and School Funding is Available for Improving Buildings

There are many different types of funding for the education sector that can be utilised to improve educational buildings and their offering for students. Applying for these funds can be a long and difficult process, with hard deadlines. Using an experienced company like the team here at Munday + Cramer will make the bidding process much easier. Additionally, it will increase the chances of having your bid accepted.  The following examples of what further education and school funding is available are just that; examples. Some of these will have already closed for applications this year, but they tend to be […]

school funding and college funding is available from the government

How to Plan Hard Facilities Management for Different Assets 

In a previous post we talked about the benefits of taking a proactive approach to hard facilities management over a reactive approach. Today, we will be diving deeper into which types of preventative maintenance you should consider for a range of different assets, as well as mentioning a few legislations that will affect what approach you take for compliance.  As a quick refresher, there are two main types of preventative maintenance used for hard facilities management; Time-based and failure-finding. Time-based is when assets are maintained according to a specific schedule, whereas failure-finding is when a site is inspected, to find […]

Stay ahead of compliance with planned preventative maintenance

Why You Should Take a Proactive Approach to Hard Facilities Management 

Hard facilities management is the term used when referring to the physical structure of a building and the facilities which cannot be removed. In other words, the facilities that are required, by law, for the safety and welfare of people in the building. This includes building maintenance work, HVAC systems, lighting, gas, plumbing, electrics and more.  This is different to soft facilities management, which deals with things like decorating, cleaning and waste management. Basically, the things that can make a space nicer to be in, but isn’t absolutely essential like those in the hard facilities category.  Some facilities bridge both […]

Taking a proactive approach to hard facilities management

Famous Planning Blunders | Misfired Developments

Sometimes, what in conception looks like a great idea, is sorely lacking when it comes to its execution. The architectural world is no exception to these occasions, and sometimes projects get through the planning stages and delivered, when, in reality, they really shouldn’t have! Clearly, this is always a highly subjective matter, but whilst it’s certainly true that one man’s trash might equate to another’s treasure, there are cases where the panning is almost universal. With that in mind, here are five famous planning blunders developments that ought not to have seen (and some that never did see) the light […]

Planning advice forms part of our building surveying services. The picture depicts a graphical plan.