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Project Management Company: Preparing to begin a project

As a project management company, there is a lot you are responsible for when you take on a new job. From preparing the correct documents prior to commencement, to ensuring deadlines are met on time, the buck stops with you. As such, it’s vital that your approach is effective and efficient. For those of you looking to enlist the help of a project manager in Essex, it’s even more important that you choose someone who is an expert, as well as being organised, and trustworthy.

What is a project management company responsible for?

For those who have never worked with a project manager before, it’s important to have an understanding of what they’re actually responsible for.

As the name would suggest, a PM will help with the overall management of the project, getting hands on with the planning prior to commencement. Their duties do, however, go much further than just this alone.

After planning, your project management company should help to build a team of contractors fit for the job. Experienced PM’s will have a plethora of credible contacts in the construction field. Additionally, they will also be in charge of leading the team once they have been appointed.

Project managers will also monitor the progress of the project throughout, setting deadlines and ensuring these are reached. They should also be great problem solvers, resolving any issues as soon as they arise. In addition to this, they will need to be good with finances so they can authorise and manage budget allocation throughout the process.

These are just the basic requirements of a project manager. The role they undertake usually stretches a lot further into many other elements, as they are crucial to the success of the entire project.


Prior to the commencement of a project, your PM should create two different documents. These are called a ‘Project Mandate’ and a ‘Project Initiation Document’, sometimes referred to as a PID.

The purpose of these documents is to ensure all bases are covered and everyone involved in the project are on the same page. In other words, they allow for effective management and an efficient workforce.

What is a Project Mandate?

A Project Mandate is the first document that should be produced by your chosen PM. This is a detailed report, including a range of different information.

Firstly, your Project Mandate should detail the following:

  • Project name
  • Date of commencement
  • Project management company details
  • Client details

An overview for the project should also be included in your mandate, along with objectives, deadlines, any restrictions, and deliverables. There should also be a section included that concerns budget and how this will be allocated.

In some cases, there may be a requirement for certain authorities to sign off the Project Mandate. For example, the appointed Health and Safety Officer.

What is a Project Initiation Document?

As the name would suggest, a PID is the document produced just before work commences. This should include the project scope, justification for the project, and it should also define the certain roles of project participants, along with their responsibilities.

Your project management company should also highlight any risks associated with the project. Once identified, the document should discuss how you will prevent these from happening and what you will do to manage them should they occur.

A checklist for everything that should be included in your Project Initiation Document can be found here, just to give you a clearer idea of its importance.

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