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Essex Project Managers: The different stages of PM

Munday + Cramer is home to a team of experienced Essex project managers. Dedicated to bringing your visions to life, it’s a project manager’s role to take their time to understand your aspirations for the project. From here, they should then create a clear plan to keep all the cogs turning efficiently.

With a background in a range of areas, our experts are well versed in everything property. Our diverse background allows for effective project managing, allowing you to have full confidence in our specialists.

The different stages of project management

Lots of people imagine the role of Essex project managers to be as simple as just delegating tasks. This is, however, a huge misconception. In actual fact, there are several steps to effective and successful project management. These include…


As the name would suggest, this step in the process refers to the start of the project. During this phase, a ‘Project Mandate’ should be issued. Within this you should authorise budget spending and allowances. Additionally, you also need to explain the purpose behind the project at hand. A decision is then be made as to whether or not the work is to go ahead.

Once a project has been confirmed, our Essex project managers will then start working on another document. This is known as a ‘Project Initiation Document’ and is also sometimes referred to as a PID. This should include topics such as the size/scope of the project, the risks, and any constraints, among other things. 


During the planning phase, it’s vital you take the time to set goals for the project. You should also discuss time scales, cost, and any resources you require to carry out the work. Other things to consider include…

  • Any contractors needed for the project
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Achievable milestones
  • Timescales and the cost of the project
  • Performance measures to keep things on track

Execution & Monitoring

This phase signifies the start of the project. Work should begin in line with your plan of action. Alongside this, our Essex project managers will oversee the team, communicate with any stakeholders in the project, and manage your set budget for each specific area.

During this phase, our PM’s will be carefully monitoring the project progression. Whilst analysing the teams work, they will also be working to eliminate any problems. Performance can be monitored by comparing progress with your projected time scales.


As the name would suggest, ‘Closure’ is the final step in effective and thorough project management.

During this phase, contractors will complete their workload and bring things to a close. Your PM should then release these contractors if satisfied with their work. Other things to consider here include:

  • Cancelling any ongoing deals with suppliers
  • Passing on the deliverables
  • Drawing up a final project report

Getting in touch

Based in Essex, Munday + Cramer are well geared to manage any project. Be it a school renovation, a new housing development, or a smaller scale home build, we’re here to help!

Our team have over 40 years of experience within the field of project management. With this in mind, you can be confident we’ll get the job done. Additionally, we also offer competitive, fair pricing too!

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