What to consider when building a home extension

There are many reasons you may want to get a home extension. Perhaps you require more space, but don’t want to move. Maybe you need an area to bring more natural light into the house and are looking for a conservatory, which technically isn’t an extension, but we digress. Whatever your situation, we have some advice to follow to ensure you don’t fall into any of the pitfalls that can surprise homeowners as they try and improve their homes.  Munday + Cramer have been designing and project managing building extensions (both commercial and home extensions) for many years. Throughout this […]

Building an extension

Landlords affected by new EPC regulations proposed for 2025

The government has proposed that the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) should be increased for rental properties across England and Wales. The proposal is to increase the minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating from an E up to a C by 2025. This is in line with the government’s plans to cut carbon waste and hit net-zero targets over the next couple of decades.  These changes would not be instantaneous for all properties, but new tenancies would have to comply in 2025. Following this would be all domestic and private rental properties from 2028. Failure to comply with the new […]

New EPC rules from 2025

How Important are Building Regulations?

Building regulations are in place for the safety and wellbeing of the people that use the building. Depending on the type of building, they can cover many things, ranging from foundations, insulation and sanitation on domestic buildings to accessibility and escape routes for business/public buildings.  Without building regulations a building could be unsafe and not fit-for-purpose. This puts occupants and potentially the public at risk. They also prevent “cowboy” builders from getting away with shoddy workmanship. They provide a minimum standard for construction, so if they try to cut corners, they aren’t getting paid.  These standards also help to inform […]

Building Regulations

Important Education funding dates and deadlines 2022

A new year brings new rounds of funding for the education sector’s buildings and facilities. Below we have listed some information on different types of funding and the important dates to take note of if you are looking to apply this year.  T Level Capital Fund (TLCF) TLCF is available to help eligible further education providers implement top-of-the-range facilities to enable a high quality of delivery for T-Levels. This funding is split into Specialist Equipment Allocation (SEA) and the Buildings and Facilities Improvement Grant (BFIG).  To apply for BFIG you need to be able to demonstrate that your facilities are […]

important dates and deadlines for education funding 2022

What is included in a RICS Homebuyer Survey? 

A RICS homebuyer survey is a survey carried out by a RICS registered surveyor. They are available for people looking to purchase a property. They provide information on the property to aid with purchasing decisions and can help to find issues with the property that could lead to complications. In terms of what is actually included in a survey depends on which level you opt for.  What are the different levels of RICS building surveys?  There are 3 different levels of building surveys for homes offered by RICS certified surveyors. These are:  Level 1 – This is also known as […]

Level 2 RICS homebuyer survey

New year, New Tech: How architectural technology has evolved over time

Once upon a time an architect’s toolkit would have only contained a mere pencil and a ruler, but this is far from the case in current times. As we move into 2022, it’s the perfect time to reflect on how things have changed in the architectural world and how incredible advances in technology have taken the profession and its creations to the next level. Examples of how far we’ve come can be seen at every stage of an architectural project. The simple introduction of computer aided design (CAD) has brought the design world from 2D hand drawings to 3D modelling. […]

architectural technology

Christmas Architecture – Strasbourg

We’re feeling very festive here at Munday + Cramer. To celebrate, we are taking a look at the architecture of the capital of Christmas itself, Strasbourg in France. You may be wondering where Strasbourg gets this auspicious title, considering there are many other Christmassy towns and cities around the world. Well, it all dates back to 1570, where Strasbourg held the first ever Christmas market. Christkindelsmärik (Market of the Infant Jesus), as it was known, has expanded to attract over 2 million visitors every year. That’s not bad, considering the town has a population of less than 300,000 people!  The […]

Strasbourg skyline

12 days of Building Surveying Services with Munday + Cramer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the fun doesn’t stop when it comes to building surveying. Munday + Cramer’s team of expert building surveyors are regulated by RICS (The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) and work with a diverse range of property portfolio holders. Each property has its own unique set of requirements during acquisition maintenance and selling, that needs to be carefully considered. From last minute emergencies to long term management strategies, there is a lot of scope surveyors need to cover. To mark this festive time of year, we have created our own 12 days […]

Building surveying this Christmastime

In Conversation With… Philip Ruffle

As part of our firm’s 40-year anniversary celebrations, we’ve been talking to some of the key figures involved in making Munday + Cramer tick. Phil Ruffle is head architect here at the practice, and heads up its architectural design team. He also happens to be one of its Directors, too. Earlier this week, we managed to nab him for half an hour, and talked to him about a wide variety of topics, ranging from his earliest influences, to where he sees the future of architecture headed. Here’s what he had to say… “What first drew you to architecture?” “I know […]

Phil Ruffle - Head of Architectural Design

Winter Maintenance for Buildings 

Temperatures are starting to drop below freezing, we’re clearing frost off our windscreens and many areas are getting pretty snowy. Winter might not technically start for another couple of weeks at the time of writing, but it sure feels like it has! With many buildings shutting down over the holidays, it is important to prepare winter maintenance so you don’t have any nasty surprises when you head back. January is often gloomy enough already!  Facilities management during the Winter can be tough on time and budget. Today, we are going to discuss the different areas of your building that will […]

Winter maintenance to help prepare for cold weather