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Fire Safety In Schools

Why do buildings need fire stopping solutions?

Fire stopping products are used to prevent fire and smoke spreading through a building. Similarly, they help keep key areas such as fire exit corridors protected. Penetrations through walls etc. for infrastructure such as pipework, cables and gas pipes, if not properly fireproofed can allow smoke and fire to spread, however small the aperture!

The Challenge:

M+C helped their client secure CIF funding for fire stopping solutions to be implemented across their site. In conjunction with Cahill Design Consultants (CDC), a number of key issues that compromised fire safety were identified:
  • Within the main teaching block, the main corridor thoroughfare had no compartmentation above the ceiling to segment the corridor.
  • There were numerous unprotected penetrations above the ceiling line within corridors and classrooms. With science labs and associated store rooms adjacent, the area is higher risk.
  • Lastly, a lack of pretention to steel works in the corridor was identified – the stair cores needed to achieve a 60 minutes of protection at a minimum which was not being met.
Altogether, these deficiencies put exit routes and key areas such as science labs at risk in the case of a fire.

The Solution:

Munday + Cramer conducted fire compartmentation assessments throughout the school buildings. To overcome the breaches within the main building, Nullifire Intubatts and sealant were installed as a form of passive fire stopping penetration. Furthermore, FB750 intubates were used to fill the gaps within the protected walls adjacent to the science labs.

The Result:

The project enhanced fire safety through:

  • New fire breaks/compartmentation above ceilings
  • Fire stopping penetrations
  • Suspended ceiling alterations and adaptations
  • Replacement of non-fire rated glazing/partitions
  • Treatment of structural beams
  • Replacement of non-fire rated shutters
  • Asbestos removal and encapsulation

Overall, the fire inspection reports now show the school complies with all the required codes. Students and faculty staff are safer thanks to these fire prevention measures. M+C’s project managers guided the project from initial assessment to completion, ensuring the school is now completely safe.

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