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Bid Applications in Kent: Applying for CIF Funding

With plenty of schools confronting condition issues up and down the country, the need for CIF funding has never been so great. Due to this, competition for the next round of the Condition Improvement Fund is high. With limited funds, many schools are turning to specialists for help with bid applications in Kent. If you’re looking for support and guidance, look no further!

Bid Applications in Kent

The announcement for the next round of CIF funding (2024-2025) was announced a few weeks ago, with deadlines coming around thick and fast. All new applicants must have registered for an account by 12pm on the 7th December 2023. What’s more, despite the outcome not being announced until May 2024, applications must be submitted – with all supporting documents – by the 14th December 2023, making the lead up to Christmas an even busier period than usual!

Who Can Apply?

Interested in applying for CIF 2024-25? You’re eligible for this kind of funding if you are:

  • An independent academy
  • A multi-academy trust school (with fewer than five schools or less than 3,000 pupils in total.)
  • A VA school (with fewer than five schools or less than 3,000 pupils in total.)
  • An A-level, sixth form college
  • A school that has a signed academy order

To qualify, you must fit into one of the categories listed above as of September 2023.

Changes for CIF 2024-25

Already well versed in bid applications in Kent? In the next round of funding, there are several key differences to previous years. A summary of these can be found below:


Many schools have faced issues with reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) this year. As such, you may be wondering if CIF funding may be available to help you solve this issue. Within the guidelines, however, the ESFA makes it very clear that these kinds of projects will not be accepted. Nevertheless, the DfE have agreed to provide financial support for schools facing issues with RAAC through a different scheme.

Expansion Projects

Expansion projects are vital and help to create additional space within schools or address overcrowding concerns. In the 2023-24 round of CIF funding, however, these projects are being disqualified if they do not meet one crucial piece of criteria. The rate of growth in capacity must be at least 10%. Moreover, you must be at least 10% over capacity to qualify as an ‘overcrowded’ school. 

Point Deductions

The ESFA have also announced they will no longer be deducting points for ‘late returns under financial viability, governance & school estate management.’

How We Can Help

Here at Munday and Cramer, we help schools with preparing and submitting bid applications in Kent. Not only do we have an entire team who are well versed in bid writing, but we also have departments dedicated to the following too:

  • Architecture and design
  • Surveying
  • Procurement
  • Project management

The above being said, we can help schools with the entire process. From writing their bid, to producing supporting documents and quotes, to carrying out the work thereafter.

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