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UK Property Value

Looking to boost your UK property value? The housing market has been hugely affected by the recent increase in mortgage rates. As a result, the amount homeowners can expect to sell their properties for has rapidly decreased. However, even with reductions being made, homeowners are still struggling to sell their properties. If you’re looking to move anytime soon, it might be worth considering ways to add to add value to your home to raise the price. Here’s our advice on how you can do just that… How to boost UK property value Building an extension Starting with one of the […]

Image of the outside of a UK property

Building Design: Choosing the right style for your new home build

So you’ve decided you want to build your own home. You’ve got the ideal plot of land and you’ve found the funds to support the project. But what comes next? The building design! We spend a lot of time in our homes. In fact, research suggests that in the UK, we spend an average of 92% of our lives indoors. With this in mind, the importance of living in a space you feel comfortable and happy is emphasised. As a result, more and more people are looking to undertake huge house renovations or build their own properties. And who can […]

Image showing industrial style home.

Residential Architects: Design Trends for 2023

Now we have settled into 2023, many of you will be thinking about the improvements you want to make to your home over the coming year. Following the trends set by residential architects is a great way to get inspiration. From interior design tweaks to home extensions, you’re likely to need a little creative direction. To help you on your way, here are a couple of key trends our architectural team predict are going to be big this year… Interior Trends for 2023 More is more In comparison to that of previous years, it’s expected that maximalism is going to […]

Image of living room displaying maximalism.

House Extension Architects: What comes first – the builder or the architect?

So, you’re looking to build a new space in your home. You’ve created an image in your head of what you want this to look like and have made a Pinterest board. But where do you start? If this is as far as you’ve got with the process, it’s time to talk to a team of credible house extension architects. At Munday + Cramer, we have over 40 years of experience in residential architecture. During this time, we have been responsible for designing some spectacular spaces and reshaping entire homes. In addition to this, we also specialise in surveying, procurement, […]

Image of unfinished home extension

What Does Grade 2 Listed Mean?

  Navigating the world of listed properties can be tricky. Have you found yourself asking ‘what does grade 2 listed mean?’ and ‘what permission do I need to renovate?’. Whilst there is a wealth of information on the internet surrounding this topic, not all of it is easy to digest. As architecture and surveying specialists, Munday + Cramer can offer expert advice and support with your listed building. In addition to these areas, we also have departments dedicated to procurement, facilities, bid writing, and project management. This can be a huge help when it comes to listed building projects! What […]

Window in a listed building