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CIF funding can prove immeasurably helpful to academies, offering them the chance to carry out structural repairs, safeguarding and health and safety work. This funding can also be used, in certain circumstances, for expansion work. Unfortunately, it’s an increasingly competitive Government money-pot. One with an increasing number of schools wanting a piece of the pie, so to speak. Fortunately, however, Munday + Cramer are experts at securing CIF funding! We have extensive experience in this area, securing around £20 millions of funding in 2020, alone. Technical expertise is imperative in a successful bid application; using a firm you can trust, therefore, is vital.

Fire Safety In Schools

Why do buildings need fire stopping solutions? Fire stopping products are used to prevent fire and smoke spreading through a building. Similarly, they help keep key areas such as fire exit corridors protected. Penetrations through walls etc. for infrastructure such as pipework, cables and gas pipes, if not properly fireproofed can allow smoke and fire to spread, however small the aperture! The Challenge: M+C helped their client secure CIF funding for fire stopping solutions to be implemented across their site. In conjunction with Cahill Design Consultants (CDC), a number of key issues that compromised fire safety were identified: Within the main teaching […]

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ESFA CIF Bids: Everything You Need to Know About CIF 2024-25

With news of the next round of CIF funding announced this week, it’s likely you have a lot of questions regarding the application process. And who better to ask than our experts in ESFA CIF Bids? The truth is, applying for government funding is no easy feat. With lots of hoops to jump through and a slim chance of success, it’s no wonder so many people invest in specialist bid writers like Munday + Cramer.  There really is no room for error. What Is CIF? If you’re landing on this blog, chances are that you’re already well acquainted with CIF […]

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5 Top Tips for Successful Bid Applications in London

Starting to think about applying for the next round of CIF? Any day now, the guidance for the 2024/25 round of funding is likely to be announced. As such, many of you are probably gearing up to prepare your bid application in London. Feeling a little overwhelmed? We’re here to help! 5 Top Tips for Your Bid Application in London For the greatest chance of success, it always pays to work alongside a team of expert bid writers like Munday + Cramer. Here they have shared a few top tips you should consider for a successful application: Be Clear, Concise, […]

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ESFA Funding: The Next Round Of CIF Funding

When it comes to state school funding, resources are few and far between. As such, schemes such as CIF are more important than ever before. ESFA funding remains very limited, with only a handful of educational facilities being granted this backing annually. Due to the above, submitting a faultless bid is crucial for the survival of your school. Who Are The ESFA?  The ESFA are a department within the government that deal with the allocation of funding within the education and skills sector. This acronym stands for the Education and Skills Funding Agency. The ESFA was once split into two […]

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CIF Guidance 2024/2025

The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) can provide vital funding to help ensure schools and academic buildings are up to standard. Due to the high demand for this funding, however, approximately only one third of applicants are successful each year. Only applications that address priority improvements whilst closely aligning with the CIF guidance will be successful. Although the 2024/2025 round is yet to be confirmed, it’s never too early to start considering your bid. Here’s a quick roundup of everything you need to know!  Who Can Apply? Depending on their size and type of institution, schools can either be eligible for […]

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A breakdown of CIF funding uses from the experts

CIF, also known as the Condition Improvement Fund, has long provided the education sector with vital funding. Recognising the damage of down time and the knock-on effect this can have on learning, the ESFA provide schools with the perfect solution. The real question, however, surrounds CIF funding uses. What can this financial support be used for? CIF Funding Uses CIF is used for a variety of different projects, where these will significantly improve the condition of an educational facility. This scheme helps schools avoid closure due to structural issues. The CIF guidelines for their most recent round splits projects into […]

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How to Improve the Likelihood of Successful Bid Applications

The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) can be a game-changer for schools and academies looking to renovate at-risk or outdated buildings. Competition to gain this funding, however, is fierce. In fact, only 19% of the 4,547 institutions eligible for CIF funding experienced successful bid applications in 2023. It’s not surprising that the success rate is this low. Bid applications are an incredibly tricky and time-consuming process, with so many different hoops to jump through. Of course, you’ll want to do everything to ensure your bid application’s success, but how can you increase your chances?  What is the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF)? […]

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Who are the ESFA and what do they do?

Structural and condition issues can not only be costly to fix, but extremely disruptive. When it comes to running a school, regular maintenance is required to help you avoid any issues arising. This being said, not all breakages can be pre-empted and foreseen. It’s in these instances that bodies such as the ESFA are helpful, providing vital funding where it’s needed most. Who are the ESFA? This acronym stands for the Education and Skills Funding Agency. Sponsored by the Department for Education, the ESFA is a division of the Government. They provide funding to schools and colleges in desperate need […]

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UK Government Announces CIF Funding

The UK Government’s Department for Education recently announced almost half a billion pounds (£483 million, to be precise) is to be set towards improving school facilities across England, as part of its Condition Improvement Fund (CIF). School-age children have been amongst the worst-affected by the Coronavirus, and this announcement from the Government comes as part of its pledge to ‘build back better’ following the pandemic. The team at Munday + Cramer, who offer extensive CIF funding application services in Essex, London and the rest of the South East, wanted to take a look at the announcement in a little more […]

UK Government Announces CIF Funding

CIF Funding Put To Work At Chatham Grammar School, In Kent.

As a practice, there are few things more satisfying than when a client, for whom we’ve secured a successful bid application, gets to put that hard-earned capital to use in their school. That’s been the case at Chatham Grammar School, in Kent, who with Munday + Cramer’s help, successfully secured £2.3M of CIF funding, back in 2019. The school broke ground recently, putting the wheels of months’ worth of work firmly into motion. What Is Ground-Breaking? The process of ground-breaking isn’t particularly groundbreaking, we’re afraid! It’s a term used in construction circles when physical construction work begins on a project. […]

CIF funding enabled Chatham Grammar to break ground on their project recently.