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Building Surveying

Building Surveying is the means through which a qualified professional assesses the built environment. He/she will then make recommendations for improvements. Additionally, they may manage the process involved in fixing any faults.

Buildings represent significant financial investment, so it makes sense to ensure that they are maintained correctly. Building surveyors are a key part of this process. Not only do they carry out activities designed to keep your building in good condition, and fit for purpose but also help you manage your asset effectively in the future.

Chartered Surveyors must complete an accredited degree, and then work as a trainee surveyor for between 2 and 3 years. They must then complete an Assessment of Professional competence (APC) to gain chartered status. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the professional body which accredits and regulates surveyors whether they hold chartered status or not.

Essex-based architects and building surveyors, Munday and Cramer offer the following building surveying services to clients:

  • Building and acquisition surveys
  • Forensic examinations for defective buildings and/or works
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Grant/funding applications
  • Building usage audits
  • Project management/delivery
  • Planned maintenance audits and reporting
  • Strategic asset management consultancy
  • Party wall advice
  • Dilapidations
  • Expert witness

Prospective clients should contact Munday and Cramer on 01245 326200 or email info@mcessex.co.uk for information.

What Might Brexit Mean For The Architectural, Building Surveying And Project Management Sectors?

Last month’s announcement of a trade deal following Brexit could (not unfairly) be described as leaving things to the very last minute. The architectural community was by-and-large against the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, with prominent industry voices having spoken out both prior to the 2016 referendum and since, on the damage they feared would be wrought as a result of the union departure. Vote to leave we did, however, and many industry bodies have therefore spent the past four years fervently preparing (or attempting to, at least) for what might lie in wait from here on in. […]

A Europea map to represent Brexit.

The Continued Growth Of Degree Apprenticeships

There was a time when attaining a good university degree from a prestigious university was perceived as being the zenith of ‘success’ for young adults. In recent times, however, this attitude has been increasingly challenged, and whilst a – what we would probably term – ‘conventional’ university degree is still a valid and much-vaunted pathway to follow, it’s certainly not the only one. Practical, vocation-based qualifications (apprenticeships, for example) have been gaining on their traditional counterparts for some time now, and show no obvious signs of slowing down. There are pros and cons to both, which is what makes the […]

A lecture hall to represent degree apprenticeships.

Don’t Get Caught Out! DIY Building Surveying Tips From Munday + Cramer

When you’re looking to purchase a home, it can be easy to get lost in the romance of the situation. When you’re thinking with your heart and not your head, the broken becomes ‘characterful’, the money-sink a ‘project’ and the overgrown ‘enchanting’. In short, we run away with ourselves a bit. The reality is that if you’re not careful then you might end up with years of expensive maintenance costs ahead. You’ve got to think to yourself – do you really want that extra space at the expense of a functioning boiler? Probably not. The team here at Munday + […]

A plug socket to represent electrical building surveying.

Drones Have Become A Mainstay Of The Building Surveying Industry – Here’s Why

Every so often, a technology will come along that has a truly disruptive effect on an industry’s shape; a technology which not only tackles a sector’s existing limitations, but dismantles them altogether. The proliferation of drone technologies within the world of building surveying, in recent years, is one such disruptive technology. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) may often be small, but the impact they have can be quite profound. The team here at Munday + Cramer, whose firm boasts a renowned building surveying department in Essex, wanted to examine the technology’s current applications, as well as what we might expect […]

An image of a drone to depict its usage in building surveying.

4 Major Factors Affecting UK Property Value

In Boris Johnson’s recent address to the Conservative Party Conference, the current Prime Minister laid out his vision to get an increasing number of younger people onto the property ladder and buying homes. This, as opposed to being stuck within an endless cycle of rentals. It’s a dream held by many people, both old and young alike. The price of that dream, however, very much depends on the market conditions at the time. The housing market is an inherently changeable one, and its fluctuations have frustrated both buyers and sellers for decades. There are, however, some more ‘universal’ value drivers […]

Our building surveying team looks at the current property value drivers.

Building Surveying: Delving Into Dilapidations

According to RICS, dilapidations are defined as ‘breaches of lease covenants that relate to the condition of a property during the term of the tenancy or when a lease ends.’. In other words, they’re where the tenant (or in some cases the landlord) is instructed to carry out remedial works (most often in the form of reinstatement and repair works) during their lease, or as it comes towards the end. If the lease has already come to an end, then financial damages can be claimed, instead. When requirements set out in a lease have not been met, that’s when dilapidations […]

An image of paperwork, the sort you might find being used in building surveying dilapidations cases.

UK Government Announce Planning System Overhaul

Last week, the Government outlined new plans to change planning permission laws in the UK, in a newly published white paper, titled Planning For The Future. The broad strokes of the plans revolve around a total reform, or overhaul, of the UK planning system. The announcements have already proved quite contentious. The plans have potentially huge implications for the way in which the architectural, property and construction industries operate in the UK. Here at Munday + Cramer, whose building surveying services include planning permission guidance, wanted to look at what’s been outlined, who it affects and how the news has […]

Planning advice forms part of our building surveying services. The picture depicts a graphical plan.

An audience with… The RICS

Munday + Cramer are again in the limelight, following the recent foray in to the world of television, with the filming of a piece regarding our successes in an innovative new Degree Apprenticeship programme. Lee Hatwell, Michael Smith and Georgia Dear were invited to speak at the RICS at their ‘It’s all about SME’ event at the Institution’s Head Office on Parliament Square, London. The event forms part of the Institution’s 150th birthday celebrations and the President’s tour. A range of SME practices and Chartered Surveyors were invited to talk about how they are contributing to the future of professional surveying […]

Munday + Cramer were part of the RICS 'All about SME' conference in London, speaking about their success with Degree Apprenticeships

CIF Bidding for 2018/9 opens

The Education and Skills Funding Agency have this week opened CIF bidding for the 2018/9 round for academies and sixth-form colleges. As with previous years, the bidding window will close in mid-December, this year on the 14th. The now-familiar portal will be central to all CIF bidding activities; and will follow the same format. Whilst the Condition Improvement Fund remains focused on the condition of buildings, there are a number of changes within this round: Healthy Pupils Capital Fund Following an announcement by the ESFA in February; funding from the Soft Drinks Industry Levy (commonly known as the Sugary Drinks […]

CIF Bidding for 2018/9 has now been opened by the Education and Skills Funding Agency

M+C gain Diocese of Westminster Approval

Munday + Cramer have this week been notified that they will be joining the Diocese of Westminster’s approved consultants panel. This seal of approval follows a raft of new instructions; particularly with academies and Multi-Academy Trusts across London and the South-East. The multi-disciplinary building surveying and architectural practice have worked with a number of Diocesan schools in recent years. Most notably St. Anne’s Catholic Primary School, where Munday + Cramer have successfully delivered a range of schemes in the past 15 years. In addition to largely re-modelling the school over the years, specific projects completed include: A new entrance and […]

Diocese of Westminster Crest