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Building Surveying

Building Surveying is the means through which a qualified professional assesses the built environment. He/she will then make recommendations for improvements. Additionally, they may manage the process involved in fixing any faults.

Buildings represent significant financial investment, so it makes sense to ensure that they are maintained correctly. Building surveyors are a key part of this process. Not only do they carry out activities designed to keep your building in good condition, and fit for purpose but also help you manage your asset effectively in the future.

Chartered Surveyors must complete an accredited degree, and then work as a trainee surveyor for between 2 and 3 years. They must then complete an Assessment of Professional competence (APC) to gain chartered status. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the professional body which accredits and regulates surveyors whether they hold chartered status or not.

Essex-based architects and building surveyors, Munday and Cramer offer the following building surveying services to clients:

  • Building and acquisition surveys
  • Forensic examinations for defective buildings and/or works
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Grant/funding applications
  • Building usage audits
  • Project management/delivery
  • Planned maintenance audits and reporting
  • Strategic asset management consultancy
  • Party wall advice
  • Dilapidations
  • Expert witness

Prospective clients should contact Munday and Cramer on 01245 326200 or email for information.

Fire Safety In Schools

Why do buildings need fire stopping solutions? Fire stopping products are used to prevent fire and smoke spreading through a building. Similarly, they help keep key areas such as fire exit corridors protected. Penetrations through walls etc. for infrastructure such as pipework, cables and gas pipes, if not properly fireproofed can allow smoke and fire to spread, however small the aperture! The Challenge: M+C helped their client secure CIF funding for fire stopping solutions to be implemented across their site. In conjunction with Cahill Design Consultants (CDC), a number of key issues that compromised fire safety were identified: Within the main teaching […]

Picture of Nullifier FS709 Sealant with M+C helmet with a zoom effect.

Do I Need a Snagging Survey?

If you’re looking into moving into a new-build home, you’d expect there to be no hidden issues. Even though these homes aren’t decades of years old, however, they can still have problems. Fixable problems perhaps, but still ones that need to be addressed. In the majority of circumstances, however, these issues tend to be relatively minor. Perhaps a door isn’t closing properly, or some tiling has been completed to a poor standard. That being said, before you move in, it might be worth carrying out a snagging survey to identify these issues.  What is a snagging survey? Snagging is the process […]

Image of a new build estate, where a snagging survey could be required.

What is A Condition Survey? 

Especially for those who are new to the property ladder, the process of buying a house can quickly become overwhelming. After all, there’s so much you need to consider, from applying for a mortgage, to viewings, insurance, and more. Perhaps one of the most important steps when buying a property, however, is the survey phase. Despite being optional, they are incredibly important to identify any issues that may end up costing you down the line. There are three levels of optional surveys you can pay for, with the most basic being a condition survey. But exactly what is a condition […]

Image of man explaining what a condition survey is.

12 days of Building Surveying Services with Munday + Cramer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the fun doesn’t stop when it comes to building surveying. Munday + Cramer’s team of expert building surveyors are regulated by RICS (The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) and work with a diverse range of property portfolio holders. Each property has its own unique set of requirements during acquisition maintenance and selling, that needs to be carefully considered. From last minute emergencies to long term management strategies, there is a lot of scope surveyors need to cover. To mark this festive time of year, we have created our own 12 days […]

Building surveying this Christmastime

What is a Dilapidation Survey?

According to RICS, due to different lockdown measures and an increase in working from home, there has been a surge in companies rethinking their physical footprint for the future. This means that many tenants aren’t renewing leases or are exercising their break options to explore new strategies. Due to this, there is going to be a huge amount of dilapidation claims emerging over the next few years. What is Dilapidation? Dilapidation is the word used to describe any damage, decay or alterations to the condition of a building. Dilapidation may occur due to neglect in maintenance, purposeful changes to the […]

Building Surveyor on the job

Degree Apprenticeships | Helping Bridge the Gap Between Education and the Workplace

Half a century ago, securing a degree from even a semi-prestigious university provided a surety of job prospects and a vocational pathway. These days, thanks to the glut of university courses now out there, degrees don’t hold the same sort of weight they once did. In other words, today, simply having a degree is no guarantee of securing work. In fact, increasingly employers are citing candidates (more often than not recent graduates) being ‘over-qualified’ for the job they’re applying for, or that whilst they may have the grades and the academic knowhow, the requisite practical skills are sorely lacking. Apprenticeships […]

A group of graduates to represent degree apprenticeships

Building Surveying: Why are Housebuilders’ Costs Rising?

The RICS recently announced findings from its Building Cost Information Service’s (BCIS) Private Housing Construction Price Index (PHCPI) which indicated that, virtually across the board, housebuilding costs were on the rise. But why is this? The team here at Munday + Cramer, a building surveying firm here in Essex, took a look at the report (as well as wider industry commentary) to find out exactly that. The Statistics Of the parties surveyed to help put together the index, a staggering 96% of respondents reported an overall increase in costs, with cost increases in materials, labour and supply chain delays cited […]

A hammer to represent our building surveying post on why housebuilders' costs are rising.

Permitted Development Rights: What’s Allowed? (And What’s Not?)

As a homeowner, knowing what you can (and can’t) do without planning permissions can be altogether mystifying. Most are aware of the existence of permitted developments – those works which can be carried out without planning permissions – but as for what constitutes a permitted development? Well, that’s another story. Here at Munday + Cramer, we offer a variety of surveying services – including homebuyer’s survey – we thought it’d be helpful to run through both what’s allowed… and what’s not. What Is A Permitted Development? Permitted developments are exactly what they say on the tin; works permitted without needing […]

Building surveying: an extension to represent permitted developments

Architectural Design: What Are The Most Common Planning Objections?

If ever you’ve had to apply for planning permissions, you’ll know just how nerve-wracking the wait for the results can be. The reason? It’s not at all uncommon for planning applications to get rejected, and planning objections are often the cause. The team here at Munday + Cramer offers both architectural design and building surveying services throughout the entire south-east; we wanted to look at some of the most common valid planning objections cited, as well as the objections typically founded on invalid assumptions/grounds. Proposed Development Contravenes Planning Policy The most common objections to planning applications occur, not unsurprisingly, when […]

Thumbs down to represent planning objections.

Building Surveying: Exploring the Right to Light

In the world of building surveying, the “right to light” often crops up. Asides from sounding something like a catchy slogan from a ‘90s MTV commercial, this government-legislated easement (or law) was conceived to allow landowners the ‘right’ to receive natural light through openings and designated apertures in buildings on their land. In rural areas, this rarely poses an issue; in more built-up environs, however, and increasingly in the development of new build properties, it’s a whole different matter. The team here at Munday + Cramer offer extensive building surveying services across Essex, London and the Home Counties. We wanted […]

Building Surveying: Exploring the Right to Light