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VASCA Funding: Is my school eligible?

VASCA funding, or Voluntary-Aided School Condition Allocation funding, comes with more caveats when compared to standard SCA funding. As SCA already comes with its own set of rules, adding on the extra rules for VA schools could make the process a little confusing.  Not sure if you are eligible? Have a long list of unanswered questions? The internet is full of information regarding the VASCA scheme, however not everything you’ll read is jargon-free or helpful. In this blog, we will discuss what this funding can be used for, who can receive it, and why it might be time to bring […]

VASCA funding for VA schools

How Does School Capital Funding Help Make The Education Sector More Equitable

Schools should be places to stretch potential and get the most out of students possible. This happens most when those students are given the opportunities and facilities by which to do so. Typically, there’s been a disconnect between the standard (and number) of facilities within the private education sector when compared with the state sector. This has consequently led to privately educated pupils being disproportionately represented in leading FE institutions. The team here at Munday + Cramer offer extensive bid application services for school capital funding projects (ranging from CIF to FECTF and more in between), wanted to explore why […]

A picture of a student studying to represent school capital funding