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VASCA Funding: Is my school eligible?

VASCA funding, or Voluntary-Aided School Condition Allocation funding, comes with more caveats when compared to standard SCA funding. As SCA already comes with its own set of rules, adding on the extra rules for VA schools could make the process a little confusing. 

Not sure if you are eligible? Have a long list of unanswered questions? The internet is full of information regarding the VASCA scheme, however not everything you’ll read is jargon-free or helpful. In this blog, we will discuss what this funding can be used for, who can receive it, and why it might be time to bring in professional bid writers.  

What is VASCA funding and who is eligible?

Similar to CIF (Condition Improvement Fund), VASCA funding is a government-led scheme aimed at helping schools receive financial support to improve their facilities and buildings.  

These schemes prioritise especially neglected facilities and major condition issues, designed to keep schools safe and fit-for-purpose for staff and students. VASCA funding is designed to help minimise disruption to the way you operate and irradicate any risks to pupil and staff safety.  

Am I eligible for VASCA?

Unlike CIF, the VASCA funding scheme is targeted at voluntary-aided schools. You must be a VA school to qualify for this funding. VA schools are those which are maintained by the local authority and usually have a religious character, although this is not always the case. If you are a VA school, the responsibility for condition work on the premises is down to both the governing body and local authority (LA). 

Funding works similarly to SCA, although the governing body that is responsible for the condition of the school are expected to pay 10% towards capital costs for remedial work, or other work carried out as a part of this scheme. 

Why you may need professional bid writers

Like any financial support scheme, the government don’t tend to make applying for VASCA funding very easy. Successful applications tend to be those that are incredibly detailed and knowing where to start and what to include can be tricky.  

Additionally, gathering all of the correct resources and writing your application can be incredibly time consuming. What’s more, it can be difficult to know when the right time to apply is and to keep on track of each important deadline. Like any busy leader, this is the last thing you want to be adding to your list of to-dos, trust us!  

At Munday + Cramer, we have helped hundreds of schools receive funding for important structural and design improvements. With over 40 years of experience under our belts and millions secured in government funding for our clients, it’s safe to say that we know how to jump through the right hoops. What’s more, we also have the time to dedicate to this project that you may not have. With a background in architecture, surveying, and project management, we work alongside our clients to create a robust, comprehensive, and successful application.  

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