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Our project management in Essex has helped countless different clients realise their vision. It is just one of the services that we offer, here at Munday + Cramer. In order to transform a plan into something tangible, you need contractors and skilled project managers. Our project management in Essex is always carried out in concordance with AMP, the industry body; this has led to us developing a reputation as one of the most trusted firms in the south-east. Without the logistical prowess that such managers bring, developments simply wouldn’t run as seamlessly as they can (and do). If you’d like to find out more, then get in touch!

How Can Project Managers Continue To Successfully Deliver School Schemes, This Summer?

Whilst every section of society has been affected by coronavirus, those in education have been hit particularly hard. Around the globe, the pandemic has impacted over 80% of the world’s total enrolled learners. To counteract any further disruption, in the UK, the government has introduced its summer schools programme. The aim of this extra-curricular initiative is to offer those in education who have been negatively affected by the pandemic a well needed chance to catch up on their learning. But with construction schemes within schools typically carried out during school holidays, this understandably presents a conundrum for project managers. Here […]

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The Current Trends Within Project Management

Behind every great project is a manager (as any PM will take delight in telling you) and the success of any and every scheme hinges on the ability of these professionals to plan, procure, coordinate and oversee how different strands of a project come together. These managers work across a multitude of sectors and areas, covering everything from the construction of smart cities to the commitment to a greener, cleaner future. It’s worth noting that project management is far from an immutable discipline – it’s not an ancient practice from time immemorial, never to be changed. It’s constantly evolving and […]

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