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A Guide to Replicating Neoclassical Architecture

Neoclassical architecture has long been a favourite of many. It established prominence in the late 18th to early 19th centuries in France, Italy, and Germany. It also later became a popular style in the Western world. This architectural style aimed to strip back late Baroque features to create a more classical, simpler design. In today’s blog post, we explore the Neoclassical style in more detail and the impact this had on the architecture industry. Typical Neoclassical Features There are a number of different features that define the Neoclassical architecture style. These include… Symmetry   Symmetry is one of the main […]

Image of Buckingham Palace, an example of Neoclassical Architecture

Domestic Architects in Essex: How To Create a Modern, Timeless Feel Around Your Home

As domestic architects in Essex for over 40 years, we have seen many trends come and go throughout the years. Nevertheless, we are always keeping up to date with the latest design choices. This means that we are able to easily navigate modern housing projects to create a minimalist and timeless feel for our clients. But how exactly do we do this? 4 Ways To Create a Modern Home Environment There are plenty of ways you can ensure your home has a modern feel to it. Our domestic architects in Essexhave listed 4 of the most impactful ways this look […]

Image of UK home to introduce our blog titled 'Domestic Architects in Essex'

Care Home Architecture: Finding a Balance Between Aesthetics and Functionality

When designing any building, there are two key things to consider – aesthetics and functionality. The same is true for care home architecture. This being said, finding the right balance between the two is easier said than done. In today’s blog post, we explore 4 key considerations for these kinds of projects… 4 Considerations for Care Home Architecture Safeguarding Features When running or managing a care home, you have a duty of care for the people who are living within the facility. With this in mind, during the care home architecture process, security and safeguarding need to be a key […]

Example of care home architecture

Famous Architecture and Design in London

At Munday + Cramer, we’re often asked whether there’s a difference between architecture and design. By definition, architecture is “the art and practice of designing and making buildings.” As such, architecture is itself a design journey – but the process also focuses on the functional and regulatory requirements as well as aesthetics. This question led to our team discussing some of the best-known buildings that incorporate innovative architecture and design across the UK’s capital. Iconic British Buildings Britain has many landmarks that it’s known for, particularly across the London skyline. These span many centuries of architectural movements. Key examples include: […]

Image of the O2 Arena, an example of famous architecture and design

Modular Design Explained

Architecture is a vast and varied landscape, with hundreds of different design styles to choose from. In addition to aesthetics, you must always consider your needs when it comes to choosing an architecture style for your build. Interested in knowing more about modular design and what this entails? Keep reading to hear about its many benefits. What is Modular Design? Modular architecture is a type of architecture style that ensures each different component, or room, in a building are independent. As such, it is possible to move each module of the build without having to move the entire congregation. They […]

Example of Modular Design

How Can I Find a Trusted Architect in Chelmsford?

If you’re thinking of starting an important building project in Essex, no doubt you’ll want a skilled architect on board. You may have searched online for a local architect in Chelmsford; as a city and county town of Essex, there are an array of practices in the area. With so many to choose from, how do you narrow the search results down and choose a reputable architect?   Some key points to consider are:  Crucially, are they a registered architect?  You may wish to look into whether they’re a chartered architect.   After first meeting with an architect, have they understood your […]

Architect in Chelmsford

Theatre Architecture: How It’s Changed Over Time

As we near pantomime season, more and more people rekindle their love with all that theatres have to offer. Campaigns to save these venues have been long running, with a lack of people supporting them throughout the summer months. Here at Munday + Cramer, however, we believe there is something to be admired about theatre architecture in particular. Afterall, there is a lot that goes into making these locations look and feel as special and authentic as they do! How It All Started Theatres were first introduced by the Romans who took inspiration from ancient Greece. Initially built from wood, […]

Image of theatre architecture

RIBA Qualified Architects: How Munday + Cramer Can Help With Your Next Project

When it comes to choosing an architecture practise to work with you on your next project, the competition is vast. With this in mind, making a decision is no easy feat. If one thing is for sure, however, you should always ensure you are choosing RIBA qualified architects. Here’s why… What Does RIBA Stand For? Starting with the basics, RIBA stands for the ‘Royal Institute of British Architects’. This is a professional body that is responsible for “driving excellence in architecture”. They are involved in approving over 230 programmes across the UK, to ensure people entering the industry are trained […]

Image of RIBA qualified architects at work

Brutalist architecture in Britain: What are the main characteristics?

Known for its austere aesthetic and raw concrete, Brutalist architecture became a mainstay of new buildings in post-war Britain. In more recent times, Brutalism has become unpopular with the modern British public. Many demolition campaigns have targeted Brutalist buildings as they haven’t aged well over the years, adding a dystopic appearance to the UK’s landscape. Is this a fair assessment of an architectural style that was intended to symbolise a new age of socialistic ideals? History In the aftermath of World War II – with towns and cities devastated by sustained aerial bombardment – the UK faced the challenge of […]

Example of Brutalist architecture

Medieval Architecture in the Harry Potter Films

As the nights draw in, the air gets chillier, and with Halloween fast approaching, our team at Munday + Cramer have been discussing the influence of medieval architecture in the Harry Potter films. Both the books and movies evoke a nostalgic feeling for fans of the franchise, with the sets showcasing the true art of medieval design. Architecture styles featured in Harry Potter The books lay the groundwork for the production design through their descriptive and immersive storytelling. In the films, the sets begin by depicting the average 20th Century British home – seemingly influenced by postmodern architecture with a nod to slightly bland 1970s décor. As Harry learns he is a wizard and begins to discover […]

Image of Medieval architecture