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Domestic Architecture: Transforming your garden for summer

Sunny days are few and far between for those of us living in the UK. As such, when the summer months roll around, we want to be spending as much time in our gardens as possible. As domestic architecture specialists, we’re here to ensure your outside spaces are designed in a way that is both functional and aesthetic. Through the power of design, allow us to transport you to another continent right from the comfort of your own deck chair.


The role of an architect


If you’ve never worked with an architect before, it can be daunting entering into unchartered territory. With this in mind, it pays to know exactly what an architecture practice is and isn’t responsible for

As domestic architecture experts, it is our job to help bring your visions to life. We will assist with the design process from start to finish, drawing up detailed plans, choosing building materials, and working in-line with your allocated budget. As your architect, we work with you to identify a design style and layout that is both functional and aesthetic.

The first step in any new project is really understanding the needs, requirements, and key drivers of the project. From here, we can then put together a detailed brief and begin putting pen to paper.


3 ways to transform your garden this summer


Looking to make big changes to your garden just in time for summer? Not quite sure how to work with what you have? Below, our architects have listed a few examples of how you can transform this space.




Outhouses are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners across the UK. There are many reasons why someone might want to build a structure within their garden. Why not consider building a private bar, fit for entertaining guests across the BBQ season? Or how about a home gym?

Something that many don’t consider, however, is that the process of building an outhouse can be quite complex. From applying for the right permissions to managing logistics and finding credible labourers, there are lots of things to consider. When you work alongside Munday + Cramer, however, we can eliminate all of the stress from your shoulders. From initial design to completion of the project, we’ll be with you every step of the way.


Building an entertainment area


Outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens, and in-built BBQ areas are becoming a huge trend, with a plethora of inspiration to be found on Pinterest. If you’re really looking to revamp your garden, building a designated entertainment area could come in handy for all those summer parties you have planned!

Not sure how to best utilise the space you have available? Whether you only have a small area to work with or are looking for a large-scale transformation, our talented architects are here to save the day.


Adding in a swimming pool


Although the weather is somewhat unpredictable here in the UK, swimming pools are still a great addition for you to consider. Besides their health, fitness, and entertainment benefits, these structures will also add a great deal of value to your home given their desirability. Not to mention, it’ll be a blessing in disguise throughout the July and August heat!

If you’re going to go as far as building a swimming pool in your garden, why not go the full hog and make this an even bigger feature? Working with our domestic architecture specialists, we can help you to design this unique space. What’s more, we’ll also put you in touch with talented landscapers who can assist with the execution of our professional and comprehensive plans.


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