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Architects in Chelmsford: The evolution of technology

As architects in Chelmsford, the technology we use has drastically changed over the last few years. From a simple toolkit made up of a ruler and pencil to now using CAD and 3D modelling, the differences are unparalleled. Utilising new technology, architects have been able to move away from 2D designs to provide a more realistic, 4D visual render for construction projects. Quite the step up from more traditional hand-drawn designs.


Previously, it would’ve been incredibly difficult for architects to get a proper view of a property from all angles. With the help of drones, however, architects are able to build a much clearer picture before they begin the design process. This allows for more precise planning, improving efficiency. Drones can also be used throughout the construction process to map the progress of a project.

3D & 4D Printed Designs

3D and 4D technology has revolutionised the way architects, project managers and construction workers operate. In using these tools to help create designs, architects are able to draw up plans that are far more accurate. This makes them easier to follow and helps the building/land owner to visualise the finished product.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The idea of AI is something we are seeing a lot more in the news right now. From ChatGPT and ‘the new Bing’, to social media sites incorporating this within their platforms, it’s difficult to get away from artificial intelligence in today’s world.

AI has been used by our architects in Chelmsford for many years but new technology has made it possible for building designers to create visual renders at the click of a few buttons. The programmes used for this are still very much in their infancy. This being said, over time, this is expected to have a huge impact on the way architects work.

Who are Munday + Cramer?

With over 40 years of experience, Munday + Cramer are a team of trusted architects in Chelmsford. Lending our keen eye for detail, we provide support on a wide range of projects. Our clients span from commercial jobs for large conglomerates to smaller, domestic design work.

In addition to architecture, our practise also has departments specialising in a range of other areas. These include:

  • Project management. We can manage the process form start to finish, supplying you with trustworthy labourers and ensuring we hit each milestone on time.
  • Surveying. Our surveying specialists can carry out an in-depth health check on your property, helping you to make more informed purchasing decisions.
  • Facilities. From consultancy to physical delivery, we can help you to maintain your property portfolio.
  • Bid applications. Our architects in Chelmsford can also help you to secure funding for your project through our bid application service.

Getting in touch

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