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What is Spatial Design?

Alongside the aesthetic look of a building, a house needs to be fit for living. What’s more, it needs to be a welcoming environment that considers your life at its every stage. From growing your family to reaching retirement age, spatial design gives you the gift of a home that’s fit for a lifetime.

How spatial design works

Although aesthetics are still a key consideration when it comes to the spatial approach, this design type considers factors way beyond the visuals alone. This conceptual discipline looks at both style and functionality, blending the two together to build a practical but elegant home.

The spatial style is flexible and can be infused into any kind of building design. From corporate offices to family homes, everyone can enjoy these principles with the right architect behind them.

Things to consider as part of spatial design

There are lots of different questions to ask when designing a property using the spatial style principles. For example, you need to have a good understanding of the intended owners’ interests and any activities they particularly enjoy. For example, if you’re an avid baker, you’re likely to want a larger kitchen that is fully fitted with everything you could ever wish for.

Additionally, your spatial architects should also consider the location of the building and the relationship between the spaces within it. How people interact with different areas of their home differs from family to family. For example, some may have their dinner in the dining room religiously each night. Others may choose to eat in front of the TV. Furthermore, a good architect and interior designer will also observe the movement of people throughout the building to determine the best layout.

How spatial design differs from other styles

The key difference between spatial and traditional styles is functionality. Most other architecture types focus solely on aesthetics and making a building look a certain way so that it is visually pleasing. Whilst a building may look great on the surface, however, it still needs to be fit for its intended purpose. Spatial architecture and design focuses on both elements, placing its intended use marginally above looks.

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