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House Extension Architects: The different stages

Bored of your homes current configuration? Looking to do up your property before putting it on the market? No matter your reasons for a renovation, you’re going to need house extension architects if you’re looking to change its layout. That’s where we come in!

Where to start with a home extension

You’ve made the decision to extend your home, so what’s next? You need to figure out how to get started. If this is the first time you’ve extended a property, you’re likely to look to Google for some guidance, this may even be how you ended up here! This being said, finding jargon-free information can be tricky. To help you on your way, our team have summarised the process below!


Firstly, you need to establish whether or not you have original drawings of your property. This is something all credible house extension architects will ask for. If you do not have these to hand, you’ll need to instruct a surveyor. From here, they will be able to carry out a thorough health check on your property and create the relevant documents.

Here at Munday + Cramer, we specialise in architecture, surveying, and project management (among other things). This means that we can provide a full, turn-key approach should you need us to, improving efficiency and making the entire process stress-free! For more information on architect fees for extensions, get in touch!


Secondly, you need to piece together a vision for the project. By this, we mean defining how big you want the extension to be, what materials you would like to use (eg. brick, industrial steel etc.), and what you would like to include within the new space. During this part of the process, we recommend piecing together a mood board with the help of websites such as Pinterest. This should help to give you inspiration should you need it.


Now you have everything down on paper and a good idea of what you’re after, it’s time to research any permissions you might require for the works. As specialist house extension architects, we can advise on this and help you apply where required. We’ll also take a look into any restrictions or covenants that may have previously been placed on the land. Additionally, you’ll also need the help of a structural engineer to take a look into the more technical details.


The tendering process is the period of time spent looking for and accepting quotes from contractors. If you’ve already brought in a project manager, they should be helping you to manage this process. In some cases, they might even come with a list of credible workers.

If you are starting from scratch, however, it’s important to find reputable builders. The last thing you want to do is place your biggest asset and family’s safety in the hands of someone untrustworthy. If you have concerns about this process, we recommend getting in touch with the team here at Munday + Cramer for guidance. Our experienced project managers are well connected, meaning we can manage and advise throughout this entire process for you.


Lastly, it’s time to start the construction phase! Although it may seem like there are lots of steps involved in a simple home renovation project, the outcome is always worth it. What’s more, when you work alongside credible house extension architects like us, we’ll help you to maximise the amount of value this will add to your property.

Next steps…

Based in South-Woodham-Ferrers, Munday + Cramer are a team of local property experts. Specialising in a number of areas across the industry, we’re well equipped to help anyone with their home improvements. What’s more, we’ll always work alongside you to understand your aspirations.

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