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RICS Home Buyer’s Survey

For most people, buying a home is the largest financial investment they will make. As with any major financial decision, it’s crucial to minimise risks wherever possible. While you can’t foresee market fluctuations, a Home Buyer’s Survey allows buyer’s to raise their awareness of any defects that might exist or maintenance obligations they might need to be aware of. Many homebuyers don’t fully grasp the purpose and importance of obtaining a survey before purchasing a house. A Homebuyer’s Survey can be focused at three elevating levels of scrutiny and cost, to help you make considered decisions pre-purchase.
  1. For level 1, a Chartered surveyor will inspect the property, and will provide a brief report on repairs required.
  2. As level 1 plus a detailed condition report on the various fabric and service installations around the property. It will identify defects and advise you on what needs to be done before and/or after you purchase.
  3. As level 2 plus a prioritised estimate of the cost of works within the report provided.

How much is a Home Buyer’s Survey?

The cost of a home buyer’s survey varies from property to property, may factors such as the type of property, size age and location help identify the cost of the survey. Feel free to contact us to get a quick quote and advice on which survey is best suited for your property/purchase needs.

Are Home Buyer’s Surveys Worth It?

Home Surveys are a good way to identify repair costs you might need to plan for if you purchase the property, and could ultimately protect you from unwanted surprises in time.

If you’re unclear on whether you need a survey, which survey would be best suited for the property you’re purchasing, or need some additional reassurance, the best thing to do would be to contact Munday + Cramer to speak with a RICS Chartered Surveyor who will help advise you. Click here to get in touch with our expert team.