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Do You Need a Home Buyer’s Survey For a Flat? 

Most people know that if you are buying a house, you should get a home buyer’s survey. This will provide you with plenty of information to aid your purchasing decision and help with negotiations. For example, if the survey shows that there is thousands of pounds worth of repairs that haven’t been taken into consideration with the property valuation, it would be worth trying to negotiate the price down.  This said, we sometimes receive enquiries from people that are buying a flat/apartment, asking whether they still need to have a survey. They reason that if they are not on the […]

Do you need a home buyer's survey for a flat?

Who pays for a home buyer’s survey 

In the process of buying a house, you will undoubtedly be looking to get a home buyer’s survey to assist you in your buying decision. This survey will tell you the condition of a property, allowing you to assess any repairs that will need to be made and be notified of potential risks to the property. This will be able to help you with negotiating a purchase price. For example, if there are £10k worth of repairs to be made, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to ask for £10k off the asking price.  Due to the home buyer’s survey generally benefitting […]

Who pays for a home buyer's survey