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National Apprenticeship Week 2024

What National Apprenticeship Week 2024 is All About

National Apprenticeship Week is coming up from February 5th to 11th. This annual event celebrates the success of apprenticeships across the country. It’s a chance for companies and apprentices to recognize the benefits of apprenticeship programs in developing skills and knowledge.

This year’s theme is “Skills for Life.” The goal is to showcase how apprenticeships allow individuals to gain abilities that will serve them throughout their careers.

M&C’s Experience with Apprenticeships

At Munday and Cramer, we strongly believe in the value of apprenticeships. We have offered degree apprenticeships for over five years now.

We actively work with local secondary schools to recruit promising students into our apprenticeship program. In the past, we have held “You’re Hired” events to engage students and educate them on apprenticeship opportunities. We plan to organise similar outreach activities this year as well.

Through apprenticeships, we provide guided on-the-job learning experiences. Apprentices work alongside experienced surveying and architectural professionals, gaining insight into real-world applications.

The hands-on nature of apprenticeships allows for developing practical skills with the latest industry technologies. Apprentices learn invaluable time management, collaboration, and problem-solving abilities.

Apprenticeship Programs Offer “Skills for Life”

As one of our current apprentices, Josh, explains:

The benefits of pursuing an apprenticeship in building surveying are something I can personally recommend. In September I will enter my final year of my apprenticeship, and I can promote the advantages it offers to aspiring apprentices looking to join the industry.

First and foremost, an apprenticeship serves as an invaluable bridge between academic learning and real-world application. While traditional education provides a strong theoretical foundation, an apprenticeship offers the chance to apply that knowledge in a practical setting. As a building surveyor apprentice at Munday + Cramer,  I have had the opportunity to work alongside Surveying and Architectural professionals, gaining insights into the intricacies of the job that textbooks simply cannot convey.

The hands-on experience gained during an apprenticeship is invaluable. From conducting site inspections to mastering the latest surveying technologies, every day is a chance to develop on skills and develop a profound understanding within the field. The mentorship provided by colleagues ensures a guided learning experience, fostering a comprehensive skill set that goes beyond what can be learned in a classroom.

Moreover, an apprenticeship instils a strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility. The daily challenges and responsibilities encountered in a real-world setting teaches apprentices how to manage their time effectively, prioritise tasks, and collaborate within a professional team. These essential skills not only enhance job and business performance but also contribute to personal and career growth.

The building surveying industry is ever evolving, with new technologies and methodologies constantly shaping its future. An apprenticeship allows individuals to stay at the forefront of these developments, ensuring that they are well-prepared for the demands of the modern workplace. The exposure to diverse projects and scenarios allows for a forward-thinking mindset, which is a quality that are highly sought after.

In conclusion, I would recommend aspiring apprentices to consider an apprenticeship. “It is more than a job; it is a journey of growth, skill development, and personal achievement, setting the stage for a fulfilling and successful career.”

Are you ready to become an apprentice?

We welcome aspiring apprentices to apply to our company’s apprenticeship programs. ‘It’s more than just a job – it’s a journey of growth and achievement, laying the foundations for a fulfilling career.’

Let us help you develop “Skills for Life”

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