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Domestic Architects in Essex: How To Create a Modern, Timeless Feel Around Your Home

As domestic architects in Essex for over 40 years, we have seen many trends come and go throughout the years. Nevertheless, we are always keeping up to date with the latest design choices. This means that we are able to easily navigate modern housing projects to create a minimalist and timeless feel for our clients. But how exactly do we do this?

4 Ways To Create a Modern Home Environment

There are plenty of ways you can ensure your home has a modern feel to it. Our domestic architects in Essexhave listed 4 of the most impactful ways this look can be achieved…

Minimal Ornamentation

 Although maximalism is making a comeback to some extent, many modern homes are still sporting the minimal look. As such, you should look to echo this if you are looking to mimic this style. The days of popcorn ceilings and Grecian pillars are long gone. Instead, throughout both the architecture and interior design phase, minimalism should be the aim. 

Light and Airy Space

Going hand in hand with the above, keeping the rooms within your home light and airy with bright colours, ambient lighting, and ample windows is a quick way to make your space feel more modern. Most homes built in the last 5 years will exhibit white walls, ornate lighting solutions, and triple glazed windows aplenty. It’s all about the ‘clean’ look.

Natural Elements and Materials

Natural materials around the home, such as wood, have always been on trend and this statement still stands today. What’s more, with sustainability a concern more than ever before, utilising natural elements and locally sourced materials is crucial to achieving the modern look.


Although this is more of an interior design touch rather than an architectural one, we thought technology was still worth a mention. Most modern homes use tech to control certain elements of their home such as security, heating, and even in their appliances. If you’re trying to create an ultra-modern feel and the budget is available, you may want to consider decking out your new home with the latest tech. From smart thermostats to video doorbells, the opportunities are endless!

Understanding the Architects Role

If this is the first time you’re embarking on a new home build, it helps to understand each role of those who will be involved in the project.

It all starts with the architects. It’s our job to understand your needs, wants, and the functionality of each space within your home. We will work with you to see your vision and will work this into the plans we create. We’ll also advise on any special permissions you may need throughout your build, if there are any limitations to your plans, and we will work with you to manage your budget.

If you choose to work with our domestic architects in Essex, we can even take things one step further and provide you with a project management team to see the plans to fruition. In other words, there’s no need to liaise between multiple companies or subcontractors. We’ll manage all of this for you!

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