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5 Top Tips for Successful Bid Applications in London

Starting to think about applying for the next round of CIF? Any day now, the guidance for the 2024/25 round of funding is likely to be announced. As such, many of you are probably gearing up to prepare your bid application in London. Feeling a little overwhelmed? We’re here to help!

5 Top Tips for Your Bid Application in London

For the greatest chance of success, it always pays to work alongside a team of expert bid writers like Munday + Cramer. Here they have shared a few top tips you should consider for a successful application:

  1. Be Clear, Concise, and Focused

Prior to starting your application, it’s crucial that you take time to read all of the CIF guidance and understand it. This will ultimately help you to form an application that is fool proof. You also need to keep things simple within your bid, helping assessors to understand the layout of your school and the severity of the issue. Tell the ESFA why your school can’t wait for future rounds of funding.

  1. Gather Independent Evidence and Quotes 

Bid applications in London need to include independent evidence and quotes throughout. Independent reports such as surveys and site layout plans can really take your proposal to the next level. At Munday + Cramer, we have a team of RICS regulated surveyors and RIBA qualified architects at hand to help, strengthening your application for funding.

Within your bid, you should also include photographic evidence of the issue you are looking to rectify with CIF funding. This should show the full extent of the problem and condition.

  1. Consider All Options

Your application needs to show that you have approached the problem with an open mind. Moreover, that you have considered all options for rectifying the problem you hope to solve with funding, if awarded. You shouldn’t speak of one solution as the preferred option.

Within your application, you should quantify the solutions listed and demonstrate costs for each option. You can also speak about what would happen if you simply ‘did nothing’. Emphasise the severity of the issue.

  1. Include Clear, Detailed Costings

At the end of the day, cost is going to have a huge impact on whether or not you are granted funding. With this in mind, bid applications in London must include a clear and justified breakdown of the costs involved in rectifying the issues. This must be done for all of the options you have detailed.

When piecing together your application, make sure you can actually afford any financial contributions you are suggesting. You should also make sure any CIF repayments are reasonable, realistic, and achievable. 

  1. Create a Comprehensive Plan

Plan, plan, and plan again. Ultimately, the success of your application all lies on the effort you put in during the planning phase. Make sure to detail when you plan for the works to begin and how this will disrupt usual activity. You also need to give reference to how you plan on managing risk and who will carry out the works if successful.

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