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Landlords affected by new EPC regulations proposed for 2025

The government has proposed that the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) should be increased for rental properties across England and Wales. The proposal is to increase the minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating from an E up to a C by 2025. This is in line with the government’s plans to cut carbon waste and hit net-zero targets over the next couple of decades. 

These changes would not be instantaneous for all properties, but new tenancies would have to comply in 2025. Following this would be all domestic and private rental properties from 2028. Failure to comply with the new regulation could lead to fines of up to £30k per property that does not conform. 

Investors have already been paying more attention to EPC ratings, with a yearly increase of over 30% nationwide of properties purchased with a rating of C+. This trend shows that public awareness of home energy efficiency is increasing, so it is very important for landlords to get ahead of the game if they want to ensure they can continue renting out their properties. 

How to increase a house’s EPC rating

To improve a property’s EPC rating you have to make it more energy efficient. This is, of course, more difficult and more expensive with older properties that used materials and building techniques that don’t provide as much insulation as newer builds. Here are several things you should take a look at to improve your property’s EPC rating: 

  • Improve/install insulation within walls and roofing. Loft insulation is relatively inexpensive and can make one of the biggest differences. Ensure this is at least 270mm thick for the best results. 
  • Upgrade windows to double or triple glazing. On top of improving the EPC rating, this will also make the property more desirable for their increased efficiency and noise reduction. 
  • Change to a more energy efficient boiler or heat pump. This will also help to reduce energy bills. On this note, you could look into adding solar panels for even greener energy. 
  • Install alternative heating. You could add a wood-burning stove to a living room, which can heat a room with a lot less fuel and end up cheaper as a long-term solution. 

How to get a new EPC rating on your property

If you have not yet made any changes to your property and would like to know its current EPC rating you can check to see if it has a certificate on the government site. If it doesn’t have a certificate, if it has expired, or if you have made energy efficiency improvements and want to have a reassessment, you will have to book in an approved assessor, which can also be found through the government site. 

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