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12 days of Building Surveying Services with Munday + Cramer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the fun doesn’t stop when it comes to building surveying. Munday + Cramer’s team of expert building surveyors are regulated by RICS (The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) and work with a diverse range of property portfolio holders. Each property has its own unique set of requirements during acquisition maintenance and selling, that needs to be carefully considered.

From last minute emergencies to long term management strategies, there is a lot of scope surveyors need to cover. To mark this festive time of year, we have created our own 12 days of Christmas around the wonderful building surveying services we offer.

On the first day of Christmas M+C gave to me… A strategic asset management consultancy

Well timed investments are the key to growing a successful property portfolio. Munday + Cramer’s asset management consultants help clients on make well-timed and clever investments, whether it’s short-term consultancy and advice or assistance putting long-term strategy in place.

On the second day of Christmas M+C gave to me … two building surveys

Before investing in any property, a building surveying is vital to ensure you are aware of any potential defects or complications. There are three different levels of RICS approved surveys, ranging from the most invasive, thorough analysis to a basic check of the property.

On the third day of Christmas M+C gave to me … Three project management deliveries

Depending on the type of project, different levels of expertise are required. Munday + Cramer offer a total project management service, providing comprehensive resources across different sectors, focusing on quality, cost and mitigating risk.

On the fourth day of Christmas M+C gave to me … Four forensic examinations

Faults and defects are often minor issues that can be solved quickly, but sometimes they require further investigation in order repair them effectively. Munday + Cramer offer forensic examinations for defective buildings that thoroughly assesses and determines what is causing the issues.

On the fifth day of Christmas M+C gave to me … five acquisition surveys

Similar to a building survey, an acquisition survey will help investors make a more informed decision before acquiring a property. The summary report provided by Munday + Cramer’s building surveying team will help them decide whether to invest, withdraw or negotiate further.

On the sixth day of Christmas M+C gave to me … Six funding applications

There are a lot of grants and additional funding available to help with property and facility improvement, as well as emergency repairs and alterations. Munday + Cramer’s team are experts with the application process and can work alongside you to give you the best possible chance at securing funding.

On the seventh day of Christmas M+C gave to me … Seven building usage audits

One of the biggest running costs for any property is the energy bill. However, there are ways to pinpoint where energy efficacy and usage can be assessed. Munday + Cramer’s surveyors offer full building usage audits that can help improve efficiency, and ultimately reduce expenditure.

On the eighth day of Christmas M+C gave to me … Eight asset management plans

Asset management plans are essential not only for keeping properties in good condition, but also to ensure it’s complying with current legislation. Every facility will have its own set of unique processes for monitoring and planning maintenance, however a asset management plan is still essential for assessing where maintenance is required, as well as checking it is being carried out according to the correct regulations.

On the ninth day of Christmas M+C gave to me … Nine party wall advisors

Partitioning walls between two buildings are the root cause of many problems, including structural issues and legal disputes. To know where you stand in any situation relating to party walls, you can seek advice a party wall expert or get a full party wall survey carried out by a trained building surveyor, who can also advise you on the legal obligations involved.

On the tenth day of Christmas M+C gave to me … Ten dilapidation claims

Any damage or defect on a building can be categorized as dilapidations. This often becomes relevant for landlord and property managers when their tenants have reached the end of their lease term and there are dilapidations within the property. Munday + Cramer’s surveyors are able to help with dilapidation claims and assess what work needs to be carried out.

On the eleventh day of Christmas M+C gave to me … Eleven expert witnesses

When it comes to property, disputes are unfortunately quite common. This could be over land, construction, or as we’ve already mentioned, something as small as a party wall. Often when these issues go to court, an impartial witness is required to assess the problem and share their expertise. Munday + Cramer’s surveyors are able to provide their expertise and contributions across a whole range of areas.

On the twelfth day of Christmas M+C gave to me … Twelve project feasibility studies

Before beginning a project of any size, it’s vital to assess how likely it is to be a success. To determine this, a building surveyor can assess how realistic it is that the goals are met – whether that’s to generate a profit and return, or whether the project itself is legally and technically possible. To prevent wasting money, a project feasibility study is useful analyse the plans for a proposed project and determine whether it is likely to be successful, or if plans need to be altered/scrapped.

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We’ve barely scratched the surface of what we offer here at Munday + Cramer. If only there were more days of Christmas so we could cover it all!

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