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What RIBA qualified architects provide is mentoring, support and inclusion. They also promote excellence in all aspects of architecture, more generally. A practice that offers these RIBA qualified architects is one that can be trusted. The aims of RIBA generally, as a body, are to further the growth of the architectural industry. They do this by positioning diversity, the environment, accessibility and the innovative pushing of standards at the centre of all that they do. These values invariably drip down into a practice if one of these accredited architects works there; because of this, they’re incredibly valuable members to have on board!

RIBA Qualified Architects: How Munday + Cramer Can Help With Your Next Project

When it comes to choosing an architecture practise to work with you on your next project, the competition is vast. With this in mind, making a decision is no easy feat. If one thing is for sure, however, you should always ensure you are choosing RIBA qualified architects. Here’s why… What Does RIBA Stand For? Starting with the basics, RIBA stands for the ‘Royal Institute of British Architects’. This is a professional body that is responsible for “driving excellence in architecture”. They are involved in approving over 230 programmes across the UK, to ensure people entering the industry are trained […]

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Architectural Design News: RIBA Cracks Down On Unpaid Overtime

There have been several high-profile news stories over the past couple of years, where whistle-blowers have lifted the lid on so-called ‘crunch culture’ within the world of video game development. The premise is as easy to understand as it is uncomfortable to digest; it revolves around employees being expected to work huge quantities of unpaid overtime as a matter of course, usually also to the detriment of both their mental and physical health. Whilst the term ‘crunch culture’ might be relatively new, however, the concept isn’t. The architectural world has long been complicit in this demanding workplace culture, especially amongst […]

The Importance Of Wellbeing Support For Professionals

In recent years, we’ve seen a marked increase in the coverage of mental health issues in the general public discourse. This has been wonderful to see and, speaking plainly, something that was long overdue. After all, mental health is something that’s omnipresent and its associated conditions – anxiety and depression, for example – don’t discriminate when it comes to who they impact. They affect anybody. A person’s mental wellbeing is something that’s impacted upon by many different factors, and ensuring positive mental wellbeing should be paramount within the workplace. Here at Munday + Cramer, whether it be our CIAT-qualified technicians, […]

The Importance Of Wellbeing Support For Professionals Such As Building Surveyors

Unable To Move? Here’s What You Can Do

What with such uncertainty surrounding our lives at the moment, any control that we can take back should be thought of as a massive positive! If, as a country we’re met with something like a recession, it’s good to know what to expect so that you can better prepare yourself and respond proactively should one occur. In economic terms, a recession can be thought of as two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth. When they hit, they bring with them several key impacts. Amongst other things, recessions lead to widespread unemployment, businesses going bankrupt and a significant drop in consumer […]

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Why Environmental Design Matters Now More Than Ever In The New Decade

Environmentally speaking, we live in truly unprecedented times. The global climate crisis is accelerating at a previously unheard of rate. Climate activists such as Greta Thunberg have taken centre stage in recent months. In doing so, they’ve put the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons and ruffling the feathers of various world leaders as she’s done so. Her actions have even garnered the attention of such national treasures as David Attenborough, no less! Awareness is one thing; action is quite another. The upshot is that, as a society, we need to take greater collective responsibility in how we treat the planet. […]

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The Importance Of Hiring Qualified Architectural Technicians & Surveyors

Whatever sector or industry you’re in, as a business, accreditation is important. This is especially true in the surveying and architectural sector. Surveying and architectural accreditations (RIBA qualified architects, for example) ensure that projects are completed in complete compliance with industry regulation and that they’re finished to an impeccably high standard, leaving no loose ends in the process. When it comes to architectural services, there are several key accreditations to look out for; if individuals or practices don’t hold these qualifications, then hiring them can be a large risk. The first accreditation is the CIAT, the Chartered Institute of Architectural […]

A Building Benefitting From RIBA Qualified Architects