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Facilities Management (often abbreviated to FM) refers to a whole host of operational and management processes. These processes help to run complexes of all kinds. Given that there are so many different facets involved in taking care of a complex, effective FM is of paramount importance. Whether it be facilitating health and safety testing, security measures or additional janitorial work; they all fall under the remit of facilities management work. Because a facility must run smoothly at all times, these different threads always need to be at optimal efficiency. Munday + Cramer offers extensive work in this area and their experience makes them hard to beat.

RICS Issue Facilities Management Guidelines

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in conjunction with the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) have issued a professional statement, offering guidance around Facilities Management procurement. In addition, the existing code of conduct will be amended for FM providers, and all RICS regulated surveying practices will need to adopt these new standards by October 2018. Raising Standards The RICS statement offers guidance and support to professionals who are looking to outsource their FM requirements for the first time, or are engaging in a re-procurement process. The FM sector is highly competitive, with a real split between providers who operate […]

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Asbestos Management for Schools

Asbestos has once again become a hot topic for schools. The Education Funding Authority (EFA) has recently asked schools to complete their ‘Asbestos data collection’ survey. This survey follows wide criticism that the EFA was not able to quantify the extent of the problem. The Property Data Survey Programme didn’t pick up on this issue despite its scale. As such, current estimates suggest 75% of the UK’s school estate contains Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). Worryingly, the expenditure on removal of ACMs by Central Government has slowed with no mass-removal programmes currently afoot. Managing Asbestos Most of us appreciate the risk of Asbestos to health, but many are still unsure on […]