Munday and Cramer

RICS Issue Facilities Management Guidelines

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in conjunction with the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) have issued a professional statement, offering guidance around Facilities Management procurement. In addition, the existing code of conduct will be amended for FM providers, and all RICS regulated surveying practices will need to adopt these new standards by October 2018.

Raising Standards

The RICS statement offers guidance and support to professionals who are looking to outsource their FM requirements for the first time, or are engaging in a re-procurement process. The FM sector is highly competitive, with a real split between providers who operate ethically and sustainably, and those who do not. RICS are hoping that their guidelines will not only raise the standards of providers, but also will give consumers confidence in their choices. The document sets out the information that the procuring body needs to have at their disposal before approaching the market. Additionally, advice is available on the procurement process itself, and suggests things to take into account when making an appointment.

M+C and Facilities Management Services

M+C currently offer FM services to over 80 schools in the Essex area. Ours is a RICS regulated surveying practice, and our FM offering was built with the RICS code of practice at it’s core. Rob Barr, company director and chartered surveyor says: “This is an excellent development in the FM marketplace. Munday + Cramer have long prided ourselves on the quality of our service, and we welcome the steps taken to increase trust and certainty in the market as a whole. Mandatory adoption of these standards by RICS regulated firms, such as ourselves, will provide both existing and prospective clients with a mark of assurance when choosing their supplier. We at Munday + Cramer will continue to provide our FM services with the RICS standards at it’s base.”

To discuss M+C’s Facilities Management capabilities, please contact Rob Barr on 01245 326200