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Many schools and academies apply for the Condition Improvement Fund in London, but competition is getting fiercer. Our practice helps secure that funding. What does the funding help achieve? Well, it enables schools to carry out vital repair works, health and safety improvements and, occasionally, expansion projects. In 2020/2021, Munday + Cramer were proud to secure over £200,000 of funding from the Condition Improvement Fund in London. Securing such successes comes only as a result of patience, planning and technical expertise. If you’d like to find out more about our CIF services, then get in touch! We also offer funding support for other major funds, as well.

Navigating the Application Process for the Condition Improvement Fund in London

With the application deadline fast approaching, schools may be wondering how to maximise bids for the condition improvement fund in London. This capital funding is also commonly known as CIF. Eligible academies, sixth-form colleges and voluntary-aided (VA) schools, can apply to ensure their buildings are in safe shape for students. In some cases, funding may be allocated for expansion projects. As you can imagine, it’s a competitive process and further professional advice is required to bolster your bid. Strategies for a Successful Bid for the Condition Improvement Fund in London Earlier this year, the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) […]

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