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Architects in Chelmsford: The evolution of technology

As architects in Chelmsford, the technology we use has drastically changed over the last few years. From a simple toolkit made up of a ruler and pencil to now using CAD and 3D modelling, the differences are unparalleled. Utilising new technology, architects have been able to move away from 2D designs to provide a more realistic, 4D visual render for construction projects. Quite the step up from more traditional hand-drawn designs. Drones Previously, it would’ve been incredibly difficult for architects to get a proper view of a property from all angles. With the help of drones, however, architects are able […]

Architects in Chelmsford

Architects in Chelmsford: Brightening your space for spring

Spring has officially sprung and as such, we’re all looking for ways we can make the most of the lighter evenings. As experienced Chelmsford architects, we appreciate just how much of an impact the layout of your home can have on your mood. What’s more, we’ve also played our part in helping lots of clients brighten up their spaces. If you’re looking to change things up for the warmer months ahead, we’re here to help! What does an architect do? As Chelmsford architects, we are responsible for assisting with the planning stages of a construction project. From initial meetings to […]

Picture of minimalist home designed by architects