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In the world of education, successful bid applications can be hard to come by. With funding so sought after, your application needs to be ahead of the rest. Munday + Cramer are experts at delivering successful bid applications on behalf of their clients. Biddable funding schemes come in the form of the Condition Improvement Fund, Sports England, Salix funding and many, many others. The technical content required to put together a high-quality application is extensive. Attempting to do it without an expert team is, therefore, a high-risk strategy, and will likely yield little reward. Keeping abreast of updates within the funding schemes themselves is equally vital, as their criteria and guidelines change regularly.

How Does School Capital Funding Help Make The Education Sector More Equitable

Schools should be places to stretch potential and get the most out of students possible. This happens most when those students are given the opportunities and facilities by which to do so. Typically, there’s been a disconnect between the standard (and number) of facilities within the private education sector when compared with the state sector. This has consequently led to privately educated pupils being disproportionately represented in leading FE institutions. The team here at Munday + Cramer offer extensive bid application services for school capital funding projects (ranging from CIF to FECTF and more in between), wanted to explore why […]

A picture of a student studying to represent school capital funding

A Detailed Look At The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) 2021/2022

It seems like only yesterday that the announcements for the 2020-2021 CIF results were being published, but here we are again, having gotten around to next year’s application opening. With finances as stretched as they currently are for many within the education sector, the prospect of any additional funding is most certainly a welcome one. The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) has become a mainstay of the Government funding circuit, with its offerings helping many schools and academies to carry out vital maintenance, structural repair works and even to help with some expansion projects (though CIF capital cannot be used in […]

A piggy bank to represent the condition improvement fund.

What Are T-Levels And Why Are They Important?

Every once in a while, the education sector sees a landmark change or addition. Something that’s brought in with the intention of improving, both the students’ experience, and their chances of employment beyond school. The Government’s introduction of T-Levels is one such change. These new qualifications, which are somewhat similar to A-Levels, though more vocationally focused, are initially being wheeled out from this September, with further T-Level qualifications being introduced in 2021, 2022 and 2023. The team here at Munday + Cramer, who offer bid applications in Essex, Kent, Norfolk, Suffolk and London, wanted to look at the qualifications in […]

A workshop, the sort which may be in use for the Government's new vocationally focused T-Level qualifications.

Recent Funding Changes And What It Means For Bid Applications

The educational landscape has been in flux in recent years. The grants and funding available to establishments very much hinge not only on the type of work needed doing, but on the type of school, itself. As more schools change from one type to another, some funding pots grow whilst others shrink. Throw into that mix significant changes to the funding schemes, themselves, as well as the current situation regarding COVID-19 and you can quickly lose track of what is available to whom, and when it is available. The team here at Munday + Cramer, technical specialists in bid applications […]

Changes to bid applications

Improving Efficiency Within The Education Sector Using Salix Loans

We’re continuously being updated, through various facets of the media, on the importance of making proactive environmental changes in our lives and workplaces, as a means to ensure the future good health of the planet’s climate. Unfortunately, these sorts of capital improvements, which often come in the form of plant and equipment changes, tend not to come too cheap. Looking at schools in particular, many of the state sector’s school estates are becoming increasingly energy inefficient. This costs the planet in both the immediate future and the longer-term. It also costs the school as well, financially speaking. That’s where Salix […]

Salix Loans & Bid Applications

A Detailed Look At Bid Applications Within The Education Sector

Bid applications are a means of securing additional funding throughout the various public sectors. There are a variety of biddable schemes through which extra funding can be sought, the appropriateness of which depends entirely on the project at hand. Securing these additional funds is a complex process, and entails a comprehensive bidding process. Munday + Cramer are experts in procuring successful bid applications for the schools, colleges and academies that need them most. Their work also extends to sectors extraneous to the education sector. In a time where the education sector is being placed under increasing strain, the necessity for […]

A Look At Bid Applications Within The Education Sector

2019/20 CIF Success – M+C reach new heights

Munday + Cramer have again surpassed expectation, and are pleased to announce yet another successful year of securing Condition Improvement Funding for our academy clients. In total, around 100 schemes, totalling over £38m has been secured for the 2019/20 CIF funding round for academies in the South-East, London and Home Counties. The current round saw the ESFA’s spend reduce slightly to £433 million for 1,413 projects at 1,210 academies and sixth-form colleges. This means that Munday + Cramer successfully secured nearly 9% of the total UK fund. M+C’s level of success also sees an unprecedented growth of 72%. Associate Director, […]

Munday + Cramer successfully secured CIF funding of £38 million for academies in the 2019/20 round

Beginners Guide to ACMF Funding

Another round of ACMF bid applications is looming large in the next term. Academies across the UK should be looking to their estates, development plans and condition surveys now in order to prepare. Des Shillingford; Business Manager of the Stanford and Corringham School’s Trust is fast becoming a seasoned professional; successfully securing funding for three significant schemes at his first attempt working alongside Munday + Cramer in round 1 earlier in the year. Stanford and Corringham School’s Trust Mr Shillingford is coming to the education sector from a wider commercial background. ACMF funding is a new, yet critical part of […]

Beginners Guide to ACMF Funding