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What To Do If You Discover Asbestos In Your Home 

Asbestos is a mineral that is naturally occurring. Historically, it has been used for insulation and fire-proofing within buildings, as well as in construction materials and many consumer products too. Unfortunately, it is also highly dangerous material that can lead to several different lung conditions. Despite the health risks being known since the 19th century and the term ‘asbestosis’ being coined in the 1920s, the material was still used regularly up until it was prohibited in the 1980s and wasn’t fully banned until 1999.  Given this, it is feasible that if your property was built before the year 2000, it […]

What to do if you discover asbestos in your home

Asbestos Management for Schools

Asbestos has once again become a hot topic for schools. The Education Funding Authority (EFA) has recently asked schools to complete their ‘Asbestos data collection’ survey. This survey follows wide criticism that the EFA was not able to quantify the extent of the problem. The Property Data Survey Programme didn’t pick up on this issue despite its scale. As such, current estimates suggest 75% of the UK’s school estate contains Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). Worryingly, the expenditure on removal of ACMs by Central Government has slowed with no mass-removal programmes currently afoot. Managing Asbestos Most of us appreciate the risk of Asbestos to health, but many are still unsure on […]