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Architectural Design is central to a beautiful and functional space. Any individual or company wishing to start a building project, will need an architect to at least produce the required drawings.

Additionally, a good architectural practice such as Essex based Munday and Cramer can:

  • Manage the tender process for trades and services
  • Apply for planning permission and building regulations consent on your behalf
  • Manage the project throughout the build
  • Prepare budgets and ensure cost certainty
  • Complete feasibility studies

Choosing the right architect for you is a big commitment. Architectural design is subjective so they will need to not only fit with your budgetary constraints, but also share your vision for the completed build.

Choosing an Architect

The first thing to consider is that your proposed architect is registered with the relevant bodies. UK architects must register with the ARB (Architects Registration Board). Additionally, they can also choose to apply for accreditation with RIBA, RIAI or RIAS should they wish to acquire a Chartered status. Not only should prospective clients check an architect’s credentials, but also it might be wise to check what accreditation entails.

In the first place, builders and tradespeople can often recommend an architect. From that position, the client should employ the rule of (at least) three when gaining quotes. It is important to realise that not all architects will be experienced in all kinds of project. Do some research, ask for case studies of similar builds to your own, and follow up references.

Another key point, is to understand what your quote entails. Some architects will manage the planning application and building regulations process for you, others expect you to have this in hand. Similarly, some practices offer project management and engage trades on the client’s behalf – others simply provide a design drawing for contractors to work from.

Potential clients requiring assistance with any of these architectural services should contact Munday and Cramer on 01245 326200

Brutalist architecture in Britain: What are the main characteristics?

Known for its austere aesthetic and raw concrete, Brutalist architecture became a mainstay of new buildings in post-war Britain. In more recent times, Brutalism has become unpopular with the modern British public. Many demolition campaigns have targeted Brutalist buildings as they haven’t aged well over the years, adding a dystopic appearance to the UK’s landscape. Is this a fair assessment of an architectural style that was intended to symbolise a new age of socialistic ideals? History In the aftermath of World War II – with towns and cities devastated by sustained aerial bombardment – the UK faced the challenge of […]

Example of Brutalist architecture

Architectural Styles: Which Will Work Best For My Home?

For many people, the opportunity to build your home from the ground up is a dream come true. Designing your property exactly how you want it, down to the last detail. It’s exciting! With so much creative freedom, however, deciding between architectural styles can be a challenge. After all, it’s not something you’ll be able to change with ease. As such, it’s important that you know your options.  Popular architectural styles for new home builds Gothic Gothic architectural styles evoke the design choices of medieval cathedrals dating back as far as the Middle Ages. Trademarks of the gothic style include […]

Example of the gothic architecture styles

In Conversation With… Philip Ruffle

As part of our firm’s 40-year anniversary celebrations, we’ve been talking to some of the key figures involved in making Munday + Cramer tick. Phil Ruffle is head architect here at the practice, and heads up its architectural design team. He also happens to be one of its Directors, too. Earlier this week, we managed to nab him for half an hour, and talked to him about a wide variety of topics, ranging from his earliest influences, to where he sees the future of architecture headed. Here’s what he had to say… “What first drew you to architecture?” “I know […]

Phil Ruffle - Head of Architectural Design

Architectural Design: How Can Existing Building Stock be Made Greener?

In recent years, a lot of emphasis has been put on the construction of ultra-efficient, new-build homes and other buildings, and rightly so. Whilst this remains a core part of our striving towards a greener future, it’s not the only part. By overly focusing on the green credentials of new property, we risk missing out on the benefits of improving existing building stock. The benefits of doing this, in fact, arguably outweigh those of solely investing in the environmental performance of new property. The team here at Munday + Cramer, an architectural design practice particularly interested in seeing more being […]

How to make buildings greener

How Can We Support Young and Aspiring Architects Over the Next Year?

There haven’t exactly been many winners over the past year or so. The pandemic has thwarted plans at every turn – across every industry and not just architecture. Our attention has been turned towards the work undertaken by keyworkers, and unquestionably rightly so. The architecture industry has also played an important role, however. The adaptation of healthcare buildings has drastically minimised levels of contact. Similarly, the reshuffling of hospitality settings has meant that they might continue to operate, albeit at reduced capacity in many cases. Such concerted efforts, however, have meant that architects on the entry-level of the field have […]

Architects at work.

Architectural Design: What Are The Most Common Planning Objections?

If ever you’ve had to apply for planning permissions, you’ll know just how nerve-wracking the wait for the results can be. The reason? It’s not at all uncommon for planning applications to get rejected, and planning objections are often the cause. The team here at Munday + Cramer offers both architectural design and building surveying services throughout the entire south-east; we wanted to look at some of the most common valid planning objections cited, as well as the objections typically founded on invalid assumptions/grounds. Proposed Development Contravenes Planning Policy The most common objections to planning applications occur, not unsurprisingly, when […]

Thumbs down to represent planning objections.

Architectural Design News: RIBA Cracks Down On Unpaid Overtime

There have been several high-profile news stories over the past couple of years, where whistle-blowers have lifted the lid on so-called ‘crunch culture’ within the world of video game development. The premise is as easy to understand as it is uncomfortable to digest; it revolves around employees being expected to work huge quantities of unpaid overtime as a matter of course, usually also to the detriment of both their mental and physical health. Whilst the term ‘crunch culture’ might be relatively new, however, the concept isn’t. The architectural world has long been complicit in this demanding workplace culture, especially amongst […]

Five Female Architects Who Helped Shape The World Of Architectural Design

Today marks International Women’s Day, so here at Munday + Cramer, we thought it would be appropriate to focus on some of the female architects who have helped shape the industry into what it is today. In what was for so long a male-dominated sector (though today, fortunately, this is much less the case) there have also been brilliant female architects whose praises still need singing now – even after hundreds of years in some of their cases! Lady Elizabeth Wilbraham (1632-1705) Lady Elizabeth Wilbraham was (thought to be, at least) the first known woman architect and was behind such […]

A pencil on paper to represent architecture and design.

Munday + Cramer In Conversation With… John Allum

A company is only ever as good as the people staffing it. You can have the best processes, equipment, products and services in the world but if you’ve not got the right team in place, there’ll always be something missing. This year marks Munday + Cramer’s 40th year and to celebrate this, we’ve interviewed some of the longer-serving members of the team and find out about their experiences working within the firm. First up is one of Munday + Cramer’s senior architectural technicians, John Allum. John started working at Munday + Cramer part-time eighteen years ago, back in 2003, as […]

Senior architectural technician John Allum enjoying a round on the golf course!

Taking An In-Depth Look At Design And Surveying Within Church Spaces

Churches have been at the forefront of Western architectural innovation for thousands of years. Even the briefest of looks at the Notre Dame de Paris gives you a sense of the importance placed upon these spiritual structures by the organisations they serve. Whilst the uptake of Christianity may have waned in recent years, however, interest in preservation and restoration amongst their religious spaces (churches) has remained strong. Here at Munday + Cramer, we provide a range of architectural design and building surveying services, including those relating to churches. We wanted to look at the intricacies of architecture within this area […]

Churches can take many forms such as this modernistic example in Iceland.