Waterside Lodge – Domestic New Build

Key Facts:

Client Name: Sime Solutions PLC
Location: Littleport, Cambridgeshire
Type of client: Loss Adjustors
Discipline provided by M+C: Architectural Design + Specification | Procurement | Quantity Surveying | Project Management
Value: £230,000
Contractors: Salmon Brothers Ltd
M+C Lead: Stuart Cudmore

Following substantial movement caused by poor underlying ground conditions and nearby trees, insurers reached a decision to rebuild this sixty year old property. M+C were appointed by the loss adjustors to re-design and manage the domestic new build to meet modern standards and mitigate those threats posed by the encroaching local environment.

As an insurance project, the brief was to rebuild the property as closely to the original design as possible on a more appropriate foundation. Due to the proximity of the property to the watercourse, the inherent flood risk, and the age of the building (in relation to current building regulations), significant alterations were required.

Located within Flood Zone 3 and outside of the planning “development envelope” there were particular challenges in satisfying the Environment Agency without deviating too far from Planning Policy. Careful management was essential to satisfy insurer’s requirements to avoid “betterment”, whilst ensuring the insured/owner was pleased with the outcome.

The final design, in line with requirements of the Environment Agency and Planning Authority, involved a raised floor level with associated access issues, flood protection measures and provision of a first floor flood refuge area with stairway and means of escape in the event of major flooding.

With a suitable design developed, M+C appointed (through traditional competitive tender process) a local contractor to undertake the works. Project management, supervision and a good quality contractor enabled works to be completed to a high standard; both on time and within the agreed budget, satisfying the brief and resulting in a delighted householder.

“M+C’s appointment really kick-started our project. We were clearly advised of the processes and time scales involved and could at last see light at the end of the tunnel. We were very pleased with M+C’s involvement and attention to detail through every step of the project.”

Sime Solutions PLC