The King John School – Car Park Remodelling

Key Facts:

Client Name: The King John School
Location: Thundersley, Essex
Type of client: Education, Secondary Academy
Discipline provided by M+C: Architectural Design | Planning & Building Regulations | Procurement | Project Management
Value: £99,000
Contractors: E. J. & P. Doherty Construction Ltd.
M+C Lead: Philip Ruffle

The King John School is a fast-growing, and highly successful secondary school located in Thundersley, Essex. In line with the School Development Plan, the school has seen significant changes to the number of students, staff and facilities in recent years. With an increase to a 12-form entry, pressure on infrastructure as well as buildings increases significantly; including the age-old issue of car parking.

Enabling works relating to major electrical upgrades on the incoming mains supply necessitated various works within the existing car park at the front of the school. This opportunity to re-model the car park area was used; providing both additional spaces as well as a fresh new look for new arrivals to the school.

The whole car park area received a new layout to provide additional parking spots, as well as improving traffic and pedestrian flow at the front of the school. The existing front access from Shipwright’s Drive was widened; the front entrance also provides access to the main service road throughout the school. Widening the entrance way provides a safer access point for lorries and large vehicles bringing supplies on-site. Changing the orientation of existing spaces also provided a safer route for the main service road. Pedestrian routes were also re-routed and improved, providing protected walkways to increase safety.

The upgrade to the incoming mains for the school meant increased services running through the car park. Additional protection was required for the new and existing services, with reinforced covers used to maintain access points.

As part of the space planning, additional parking spaces were created through re-purposing grassed areas. Disabled bays were also provided close to the school reception to assist those with low mobility. New landscaping and planting completed the transformation to car park.

The works required careful planning; requiring an element of working during term-time, as well as in parallel to the incoming mains upgrade. Contractors E. J. & P. Doherty Construction successfully delivered the scheme in approximately six weeks, despite the challenging site conditions.