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Function Or Form? Where to Begin with Healthcare Design

When it comes to healthcare design, there is a plethora of different things to consider. What’s more, these projects are often carried out with only a tight, strict budget to hand. Fortunately, the team here at Munday + Cramer are well equipped to take on any challenge that comes our way!

Key Aspects to Consider 

With so many different patients walking through your door and regulations upon regulations to adhere to, getting the right balance with your architecture can be tricky. Below, our experts have listed 3 of the main aspects to consider during any healthcare design project…


One of the most important considerations when it comes to healthcare design is hygiene. Ensuring the materials you’re using are easily sterilised is key if the practise is going to maintain their duty of care. This being said, it’s not enough to simply have easily wipeable surfaces. You need to consider the layout of entryways, storage of tools supplies, and much more.


Healthcare practises and centres can be busy places, as such, when it comes to design, function should always be prioritised over form.

During the build and design process, our architects will take their time to understand the needs of your practise and the people working within it. We will carefully and strategically plan your layout to suit the individual needs of everyone working within the practise. What’s more, we will also optimise the space available so that none of it goes unused, all within the budget allocated.


Often medical practises opt for the clinical feel when it comes to design. Meanwhile, other areas of medicine such as mental health and children’s departments tend to stray from this norm. Finding the right balance can be tricky, as every patient that walks through your door will likely want something different from the next. Some individuals like the more professional environment, whilst others may feel more at ease within a more relaxed, cosy atmosphere. It’s likely that your design choice will change dependent on the department you’re focussing on. Nevertheless, our RIBA qualified architects will help you settle on a design that works for everyone.

Who We Are

Munday + Cramer are a team of experienced, RIBA qualified architects, well versed in both commercial and domestic design. Serving the local area and surrounding counties, we are here to help you bring your next healthcare design project to fruition.

In addition to architecture services, we also have dedicated departments specialising in project management, procurement, surveying, and facilities management. Think of us as a one stop shop!

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