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Munday + Cramer are a multi-disciplinary firm offering bid applications, facilities management, building surveyors and RIBA-qualified architects in Essex. In what is an increasingly complex sector, successful architectural work relies on both quality and temperament. Our architects in Essex possess both the requisite skill and the work ethic needed to help deliver projects. From pre-planning through to design development and eventual planning applications, our team holds many years’ worth of experience. Another key feature of our practice is our emphasis on communication. Maintaining open and regular channels of communication helps us keep the client as the central focus at all times.

A Guide to Replicating Neoclassical Architecture

Neoclassical architecture has long been a favourite of many. It established prominence in the late 18th to early 19th centuries in France, Italy, and Germany. It also later became a popular style in the Western world. This architectural style aimed to strip back late Baroque features to create a more classical, simpler design. In today’s blog post, we explore the Neoclassical style in more detail and the impact this had on the architecture industry. Typical Neoclassical Features There are a number of different features that define the Neoclassical architecture style. These include… Symmetry   Symmetry is one of the main […]

Image of Buckingham Palace, an example of Neoclassical Architecture

From Sketch to Site: Architectural Design Explained

The architectural design phase of any build is arguably one of the most important. It allows you to build concrete foundations for the entire process ahead. This being said, architects do far more than just throw together a few mock-ups. In actual fact, there is more to it than meets the eye. In today’s blog post, we explore the journey from initial sketches to the final result. Pre-Design  Prior to beginning architectural design, the architect must first gather an understanding of the project requirements. Aesthetics aren’t everything. Whilst they do play an important role, consideration must also be given to […]

Image of architects at work to introduce our blog titled 'Architectural Design Explained'

How Can I Find a Trusted Architect in Chelmsford?

If you’re thinking of starting an important building project in Essex, no doubt you’ll want a skilled architect on board. You may have searched online for a local architect in Chelmsford; as a city and county town of Essex, there are an array of practices in the area. With so many to choose from, how do you narrow the search results down and choose a reputable architect?   Some key points to consider are:  Crucially, are they a registered architect?  You may wish to look into whether they’re a chartered architect.   After first meeting with an architect, have they understood your […]

Architect in Chelmsford

Theatre Architecture: How It’s Changed Over Time

As we near pantomime season, more and more people rekindle their love with all that theatres have to offer. Campaigns to save these venues have been long running, with a lack of people supporting them throughout the summer months. Here at Munday + Cramer, however, we believe there is something to be admired about theatre architecture in particular. Afterall, there is a lot that goes into making these locations look and feel as special and authentic as they do! How It All Started Theatres were first introduced by the Romans who took inspiration from ancient Greece. Initially built from wood, […]

Image of theatre architecture

Domestic Architecture: Transforming your garden for summer

Sunny days are few and far between for those of us living in the UK. As such, when the summer months roll around, we want to be spending as much time in our gardens as possible. As domestic architecture specialists, we’re here to ensure your outside spaces are designed in a way that is both functional and aesthetic. Through the power of design, allow us to transport you to another continent right from the comfort of your own deck chair.   The role of an architect   If you’ve never worked with an architect before, it can be daunting entering […]

Example of domestic architecture

Types of Architecture Around the World

History welcomes many different types of architecture, most of which still hold a heavy significance today. From prehistoric architecture, the name given to structures such as Stonehenge, to the modern contemporary style, building design has drastically changed through the years. What’s more, these vast differences can also be seen from country to country. The most popular types of architecture Gothic architecture is the most popular architecture type across the globe, with dominance across 13 different countries. France, Romania, Norway, and Greece were among some of the different places to adopt this style as their main focus. Features of Gothic architecture […]

Example of the Gothic style, a popular architecture type

What is Spatial Design?

Alongside the aesthetic look of a building, a house needs to be fit for living. What’s more, it needs to be a welcoming environment that considers your life at its every stage. From growing your family to reaching retirement age, spatial design gives you the gift of a home that’s fit for a lifetime. How spatial design works Although aesthetics are still a key consideration when it comes to the spatial approach, this design type considers factors way beyond the visuals alone. This conceptual discipline looks at both style and functionality, blending the two together to build a practical but […]

Image of spatial design architecture plans

5 Eco-Friendly, Modern Building Materials to Incorporate into New Home Build

Research into modern building materials for new home build can be mind-boggling. There are so many different options out there, from traditional brick to more planet conscious alternatives. If you’re lacking a background in construction, but wanting to take on a new build project, it can be difficult to know the best choices, not only in terms of aesthetic but for practicality too. The help of architects, like ourselves, should be enlisted for any major construction project. It’s our job to help bring your visions to life, all whilst supporting you in making the right choices in terms of functionality. […]

Image of eco-friendly building built with modern materials

UK Property Value

Looking to boost your UK property value? The housing market has been hugely affected by the recent increase in mortgage rates. As a result, the amount homeowners can expect to sell their properties for has rapidly decreased. However, even with reductions being made, homeowners are still struggling to sell their properties. If you’re looking to move anytime soon, it might be worth considering ways to add to add value to your home to raise the price. Here’s our advice on how you can do just that… How to boost UK property value Building an extension Starting with one of the […]

Image of the outside of a UK property

How Can We Support Young and Aspiring Architects Over the Next Year?

There haven’t exactly been many winners over the past year or so. The pandemic has thwarted plans at every turn – across every industry and not just architecture. Our attention has been turned towards the work undertaken by keyworkers, and unquestionably rightly so. The architecture industry has also played an important role, however. The adaptation of healthcare buildings has drastically minimised levels of contact. Similarly, the reshuffling of hospitality settings has meant that they might continue to operate, albeit at reduced capacity in many cases. Such concerted efforts, however, have meant that architects on the entry-level of the field have […]

Architects at work.