Munday and Cramer

Planning Permission Received For Contemporary New Medical Centre

Munday + Cramer have recently received planning permission for a contemporary new cosmetic and dental surgery in Cray’s Hill, Essex.

The result comes following a challenging planning process, requiring a number of design developments to reach a final conclusive and ultimately successful design. The new facility will replace an existing church hall.

The All Saints Worship Hall is an unusual 20th Century design, and the proposed scheme has been developed to remain sympathetic to that structure in terms of appearance and the existing footprint. The contemporary design presents a striking, modern ‘clean’ look to meet the profile of the practice.

Local interest in the church hall also means that its demolition will be undertaken in a more detailed fashion so as to record in detail the original construction methods used.

To offer a highly useable space, whilst retaining the character of the church hall, the roofing detail includes both a double pitched roof to the front elevation, merging in to a flat roof to the rear of the building in order to provide first-floor accommodation. To deal with site levels and also to offer more flexibility in room heights whilst maintaining the existing skyline, the ground floor level will reduced by 500mm. The new construction will also mimic the old footprint. Naturally, the clinical areas have been designed to meet all relevant medical standards.

The design process has been heavily aided by M+C’s use of 3D modelling using ArchiCAD, developing the nuances of design the meet the client’s exacting requirements.

With planning permission now granted, the development of the scheme to site will progress rapidly.