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Commercial EPC Ratings

As people continue to look for new ways to maximise their home’s energy efficiency, it’s no surprise that commercial EPC ratings have become an increasingly important consideration. After all, they provide homeowners and developers alike with vital information surrounding the building’s overall energy performance. With this, areas in which energy efficiency can be improved are identified, assisting with government compliance, all whilst reducing bills. But what does this all mean?  What are Commercial EPC Ratings? If you weren’t already aware, EPC stands for ‘Energy Performance Certificate’. Essentially, these certificates provide an indication of how much energy a property uses and […]

Image to depict the importance of commercial EPC ratings and energy efficiency around the home

Types of House Survey

For most of us, buying a home will likely be the most expensive purchase that we’ll ever make. Understandably, you’re going to want to know every detail about the exact condition of the property before you sign. Of course, you’ll be able to spot some issues from the get-go. If the roof is falling in, you’ll probably be able to tell. It’s often the case, however, that it’s the hidden issues that end up causing the most damage over time. In order to discover these, a house survey is necessary. But what types of house survey even exist?  Condition Report […]

Image of home to depict the different types of house survey

Party Wall Agreement Surveyors: Understanding the limitations

Finding the right team of party wall agreement surveyors online can take time. In fact, sifting through all the information on party wall agreements can be tricky. However, undertaking a project with limited knowledge of the rules and regulations is also a huge risk. To help you understand party walls and their limitations a little better, our experts have summarised the key points to remember below:  What is a party wall agreement? In their simplest form, party walls are the boundaries that separate two (or more) properties. They may form part of a building, for example, the wall between two […]

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