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Munday + Cramer’s multi-disciplinary practice features RICS accredited surveyors. You know, therefore, that the work you’ll be receiving will be of superb quality. The benefits of RICS accredited surveyors are manifold. Firstly, the work you have done will offer guaranteed compliance with industry standards and regulations. Further to this, the experience required to secure such an accreditation means that your project’s surveyor will be vastly experienced, themselves. Finally, it guarantees you a standard of work simply unparalleled by unaccredited counterparts. The RICS accreditation is a watermark for quality. Seeing those four letters should instantly put your mind at ease with regards to your ongoing project.

RICS Accredited Surveyors

When it comes to purchasing a new home, the entire process can be a bit of a whirlwind. As one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, it’s no wonder you’re looking for reassurance before signing on the dotted line. To help you make a more informed decision, we always recommend getting a comprehensive survey from RICS accredited surveyors. What is a Survey?   If you’re a first time buyer or inexperienced in property, this might be the first time you’re hearing about getting a survey. Carried out by RICS accredited surveyors prior to completing on a new home, a […]

Image of RICS accredited surveyors at work.

The Importance Of Hiring Qualified Architectural Technicians & Surveyors

Whatever sector or industry you’re in, as a business, accreditation is important. This is especially true in the surveying and architectural sector. Surveying and architectural accreditations (RIBA qualified architects, for example) ensure that projects are completed in complete compliance with industry regulation and that they’re finished to an impeccably high standard, leaving no loose ends in the process. When it comes to architectural services, there are several key accreditations to look out for; if individuals or practices don’t hold these qualifications, then hiring them can be a large risk. The first accreditation is the CIAT, the Chartered Institute of Architectural […]

A Building Benefitting From RIBA Qualified Architects