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Architectural Design News: RIBA Cracks Down On Unpaid Overtime

There have been several high-profile news stories over the past couple of years, where whistle-blowers have lifted the lid on so-called ‘crunch culture’ within the world of video game development. The premise is as easy to understand as it is uncomfortable to digest; it revolves around employees being expected to work huge quantities of unpaid overtime as a matter of course, usually also to the detriment of both their mental and physical health. Whilst the term ‘crunch culture’ might be relatively new, however, the concept isn’t. The architectural world has long been complicit in this demanding workplace culture, especially amongst […]

Building A Better Tomorrow: RIBA’s 2020 President’s Medal Winners Announced!

One of the most exciting dates in the architectural calendar is unquestionably the annual announcement for the winners of the President’s Medal – RIBA’s prestigious student architecture award. Previous winners include the acclaimed British architect Norman Foster (now Baron Foster of Thames Bank, in fact) and Sean Affleck, one of Foster’s later wide-eyed protégés. The award (split into silver, bronze and dissertation medals) helps recognise the best and brightest that architectural students have to offer, globally, and in a time where innovation is needed more than ever, its continued annual awarding is important to see. The team here at Munday […]