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5 Eco-Friendly, Modern Building Materials to Incorporate into New Home Build

Research into modern building materials for new home build can be mind-boggling. There are so many different options out there, from traditional brick to more planet conscious alternatives. If you’re lacking a background in construction, but wanting to take on a new build project, it can be difficult to know the best choices, not only in terms of aesthetic but for practicality too. The help of architects, like ourselves, should be enlisted for any major construction project. It’s our job to help bring your visions to life, all whilst supporting you in making the right choices in terms of functionality. […]

Image of eco-friendly building built with modern materials

Modernism Architects

Despite being around for many years, the work of modernism architects is still as adored as ever. Famous buildings such as the Sydney Opera House, Coventry Cathedral, and Munich Olympic Park all adopt this unique style. What’s more, millions of people flock to these attractions year on year to admire their infrastructure. What is modernism? Modernism is a 20th century architecture type that embraces minimalism whilst rejecting ornamentation. This style is also often referred to as ‘International Modernism’ and ‘International Style’. When implementing Modernism, this should be done with an analytical approach to the function of said building. This style […]

Open plan kitchen/diner with breakfast bar.

Modern architects: The style that shaped the 20th century

Before we dive too deep into the work of modern architects, let’s talk history. The architectural Modern Movement began in the 20th century. Becoming popular just after World War I, past styles were quickly rejected and disfavoured by the construction industry. Modern architecture celebrates minimalism and considers a building’s true function. Postmodern architecture superseded modernism and rose in popularity during the 1960’s. This style brought colour and decoration back into fashion within the construction industry. Key characteristics of the modern style There are lots of characteristics that set Modern Architecture apart from other styles, namely, the use of reinforced concrete, […]

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