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Architects in Essex: Tips for Planning Permission

As architects in Essex, we know the planning permission process better than most. We’ve been helping our clients secure the go ahead for their projects for over 40 years. When you’re proposing a large-scale project, the planning process can be gruelling and costly. It’s in these instances that professional guidance is so vital if you want to succeed. Knowing where to start can be tricky, with lots of different things to consider throughout the process. Below, our architects in Essex have shared a few of their top tips for a successful planning permission application. Knowing the different types of planning […]

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Architects Essex: What to do if you’ve outgrown your current office space

When it comes to business, expansion should be celebrated at the highest level. This is especially true in today’s climate, where disposable income is low and many businesses are struggling. If you’ve come to outgrow your current office space, however, this can throw a spanner in the works when it comes to enabling growth. That’s where the work of architects in Essex can swoop in to save the day! What are my options? If your current office space is no longer fit for purpose, you have a number of options. Obviously, which you choose will depend on whether or not […]

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Architectural Design Specialists in Essex: How to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

With the property market looking the way it currently is, the amount of people looking to move house has plummeted. Instead, many homeowners are looking to make changes to their existing spaces to give them a bit of a refresh. There is a lot that can be done to a space to make it feel like a different home entirely. That’s where our architectural design specialists in Essex come in. Based near Chelmsford, our experts can help you to transform any space! 5 Hacks for Making Your Home Feel Bigger Here are a few short-term fixes and top tips for […]

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Architects in Chelmsford: Brightening your space for spring

Spring has officially sprung and as such, we’re all looking for ways we can make the most of the lighter evenings. As experienced Chelmsford architects, we appreciate just how much of an impact the layout of your home can have on your mood. What’s more, we’ve also played our part in helping lots of clients brighten up their spaces. If you’re looking to change things up for the warmer months ahead, we’re here to help! What does an architect do? As Chelmsford architects, we are responsible for assisting with the planning stages of a construction project. From initial meetings to […]

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