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Whenever we design a project here at Munday + Cramer, we have environmental architecture in mind. It’s part of our long-standing commitment to sustainable practices. Gone are the days where projects would be completed without a moment’s thought for the environment. Nowadays, environmental architecture forms as big a part of a project’s overall design as anything else. At our practice, we’re continually looking to see where we can introduce more sustainable practices across all of our services. When infrastructure and buildings play as big a part in the world as they do, we can’t afford not to be more environmentally conscious.

How Architecture Can Help Children’s Creativity And Mental Health

This year, Children’s Mental Health Week is taking place between the 1st and 7th of February. The theme in 2021? Express Yourself. Children across the UK have had a pretty rough time as of late. The various lockdowns have prevented the normal kinds of social stimulation so vital for childhood and teenage development. That’s why – arguably more than ever before – we need to look for greater and more varied ways in which our younger generations can express themselves. The built environment has a big part to play in that; whether in our schools, our public spaces or anywhere […]

Two young children smiling to represent how architecture can help young people's mental health.