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A CIF project is that which has used the Condition Improvement Fund for structural work, expansion, safeguarding measures or improved health and safety. As a firm, Munday + Cramer have secured funding for many a CIF project. These have included boiler replacements and new assembly halls. They’ve also included electrical rewiring and new kitchen fit-outs. Such projects greatly enrich the lives of both pupils and staff, as well as improving their overall safety within a space. The fund is likely to become increasingly competitive over the next few years; and as such, it’s important you choose a trusted practice for your application support. Our practice also offers application reviews for those unsuccessful first time around.

The Importance of CIF Project Costing 

As part of a CIF project application, educational institutions must provide detailed costs to secure funding. It is incredibly important to give this section due consideration, as CIF project costing contributes to 25% of the overall score given to the full application. Below, we will detail the different criteria that CIF judges will be looking out for within your application when it comes to costing. Overall CIF Project Costs Clear scopes with overall cost below industry expectations should be present in your application. This will help you to achieve a maximum score. Each cost element should be reasonable and explained […]

Two people looking at CIF project costing