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Who are the ESFA and what do they do?

Structural and condition issues can not only be costly to fix, but extremely disruptive. When it comes to running a school, regular maintenance is required to help you avoid any issues arising. This being said, not all breakages can be pre-empted and foreseen. It’s in these instances that bodies such as the ESFA are helpful, providing vital funding where it’s needed most.

Who are the ESFA?

This acronym stands for the Education and Skills Funding Agency. Sponsored by the Department for Education, the ESFA is a division of the Government. They provide funding to schools and colleges in desperate need of repairs.

The Education and Skills Funding Agency brings together two former agencies: the Education Funding Agency (EFA) and the Skills Funding Agency (SFA). Taking on the responsibilities of both prior departments, the ESFA is accountable for providing £65 billion in funding to this sector.

The ESFA offer plenty of funding options, with the main two types being Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) and Urgent Capital Support (UCS).

What’s the difference between CIF and UCS?

CIF is the best funding route for eligible educational bodies that are experiencing significant condition issues. This scheme keeps school buildings in safe, compliant, and good working order.

UCS, on the other hand, is required when a condition issue is so severe that it risks school closure and downtime. In other words, if you cannot wait until the next round of CIF funding. UCS is a loan and although grant funding is possible, this is usually only in extreme and exceptional circumstances.

What is CIF funding used for?

A wide range of projects are eligible for CIF funding. A few examples include:

  • The upgrading of boilers to specific eco-friendly alternatives
  • The rejuvenation of electrical components, fire doors, and alarms
  • The replacement of roof coverings and windows
  • The removal of asbestos
  • Expansion (in some cases)
  • And much more.

When is the next round of CIF?

The next round of CIF hasn’t yet been announced. This being said, it is expected that more information will become available later on in 2023. Each funding round spans a few years and is a long process. Nevertheless, the scheme offers a vital lifeline to schools and other educational bodies across the UK.

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