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5 Considerations for Church Architecture

There is always a lot to consider with any design project. However, when it comes to church architecture, this is even further exacerbated. Many places of worship that already exist have stood for so long that they are now listed buildings. This in itself creates a plethora of limitations when it comes to extending or renovating. Furthermore, even the process of building a brand new church brings with it lots of different key considerations. 5 Considerations for Church Architecture Here at Munday and Cramer, we have played a part in many architecture projects taking place within places of worship. As […]

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How to Maintain Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows have been an important feature of churches for hundreds of years, from the Middle Ages onwards. Styles and methods may have changed over the years, but they are still used heavily today. Contrary to what many think, stained glass windows tend not to be any more fragile than regular windows. That said, some of these works are hundreds of years old and, as with all glasswork, are prone to receiving damage over time. Read on to discover more about the historical and religious significance of stained glass windows and how to maintain them to avoid irreparable damage. […]

How to maintain stained glass windows

Considerations to make for architectural projects on Ecclesiastical buildings

There are over 16,000 churches in the UK, some of which were originally built many centuries ago. In fact, the oldest church still in use in the UK was built prior to 597AD. This means a few things for ecclesiastical buildings. For starters, they are for the community. Religious and cultural hubs, which many people rely on every day. Secondly, they are seen as national monuments and are therefore protected as some of the most important historic buildings across England and Wales. Nearly 6,000 of our 16,000 churches are listed as Grade I or Grade II. Finally, due to their […]

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