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Here at Munday + Cramer, in Essex, we have a team of experienced and RICS-accredited chartered surveyors at our disposal, ready to take on your projects. Chartered surveyors help provide expert opinion on a building/asset’s condition. This could be a building or structural survey, for instance, or advice pertaining to requisite planning permissions for a proposed project. Our team has over 20 years’ worth of surveying experience between them; experience is essential in this discipline, as no two situations are ever quite the same. If you’d like to find out more about our team, then get in touch! Contact us today.

Chartered Surveyor Degree Apprenticeship

It’s no longer the case that a degree guarantees an easy pathway into the world of work. For many employers, experience comes above all else. What’s more, apprenticeships are seen to be the solution to this. Now, however, there is the concern that apprentices aren’t getting the same level of educational training that’s provided by universities. But what if there was something that combined the best of both apprenticeships and a university degree for aspiring surveyors? That’s where a chartered surveyor degree apprenticeship comes in.  How does a Chartered Surveyor Degree Apprenticeship work? Established back in 2015, degree apprenticeships have […]

Image of a chartered surveyor degree apprenticeship application form

Chartered Surveyors in Colchester 

Looking for chartered surveyors in Colchester? Here at Munday + Cramer, we are experts in all thing’s property and we’re just down the road. From commercial and residential surveys, right through to project management, architecture, facilities, and procurement, we’ve got you covered. What’s more, with over 40 years of experience in this landscape, you can have complete confidence in our work.   What are chartered surveyors? To become chartered surveyors in Colchester, you must have passed the relevant qualifications that are regulated by RICS. This acronym stands for the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and is a mark of credibility […]

Chartered surveyors in Colchester

What Is A Party Wall Survey?

Party wall issues are as common as they are frustrating. For something as seemingly innocuous as the dividing wall between properties, the disputes which often arise can be both fractious and ill-tempered. In any dispute pertaining to party wall issues, a party wall survey is needed, undertaken by trained building surveyors. The team here at Munday + Cramer, who offer a comprehensive range of building surveying services across the south-east and home counties, wanted to look at these issues in a little more detail. What Are Party Walls? First, though, what actually are party walls? Well, they’re partitioning walls between […]

What Are Party Wall Surveys?