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Given how competitive funding now is, securing successful bid applications in Norfolk isn’t easy. Fortunately, M+C have a track record of successful bids! Grants and funding come across various sectors. From education all the way through to leisure and sport. The problem is that everybody wants a greater piece of an ever-diminishing pie. As a firm, we’ve secured successful CIF (Condition Improvement Fund) funding applications on numerous occasions, and have become well-trusted because of this. The Government grants CIF to schools for structural repair works, and is highly competitive as a result. It is just one of the many different grants available. In order for your bid applications in Norfolk to be successful, then you need to use a firm of trust and distinction.

What Are T-Levels And Why Are They Important?

Every once in a while, the education sector sees a landmark change or addition. Something that’s brought in with the intention of improving, both the students’ experience, and their chances of employment beyond school. The Government’s introduction of T-Levels is one such change. These new qualifications, which are somewhat similar to A-Levels, though more vocationally focused, are initially being wheeled out from this September, with further T-Level qualifications being introduced in 2021, 2022 and 2023. The team here at Munday + Cramer, who offer bid applications in Essex, Kent, Norfolk, Suffolk and London, wanted to look at the qualifications in […]

A workshop, the sort which may be in use for the Government's new vocationally focused T-Level qualifications.