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Care Home Architecture: Finding a Balance Between Aesthetics and Functionality

When designing any building, there are two key things to consider – aesthetics and functionality. The same is true for care home architecture. This being said, finding the right balance between the two is easier said than done. In today’s blog post, we explore 4 key considerations for these kinds of projects… 4 Considerations for Care Home Architecture Safeguarding Features When running or managing a care home, you have a duty of care for the people who are living within the facility. With this in mind, during the care home architecture process, security and safeguarding need to be a key […]

Example of care home architecture

Famous Architecture and Design in London

At Munday + Cramer, we’re often asked whether there’s a difference between architecture and design. By definition, architecture is “the art and practice of designing and making buildings.” As such, architecture is itself a design journey – but the process also focuses on the functional and regulatory requirements as well as aesthetics. This question led to our team discussing some of the best-known buildings that incorporate innovative architecture and design across the UK’s capital. Iconic British Buildings Britain has many landmarks that it’s known for, particularly across the London skyline. These span many centuries of architectural movements. Key examples include: […]

Image of the O2 Arena, an example of famous architecture and design